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Flea Control

Flea Control Services

Animals that feed on your blood should not be allowed to stay in your home and yard. Frequently, we associate fleas with our furry friends that share our homes with us. Cats and dogs can harbor fleas and bring them into your space. Fleas don’t just bite their hosts—they frequently bite humans and cause itchy skin. Much like mosquitoes, these bloodsuckers can also carry diseases. When fleas are present, they can get in the way of your enjoyment of your home and yard. Mosquito Squad® is not okay with this!

If you suspect that fleas are present in your yard, you must take care of the problem immediately by calling The Squad at (877) 332-2239. We are not just ready to tackle the problem for you, we are ready to knock down your pest problem and maintain your bug-free environment with smart preventative maintenance.

Call Today for Flea Treatment for Yards

Once our technicians arrive at your home, they will conduct a comprehensive inspection to assess your situation. Once the scope of your flea problem is known, we will develop a targeted plan of attack for the specific areas of your yard where fleas harbor and breed like brush and wood piles, tall grass, and under decks. It’s important that adult fleas do not reproduce. Our treatment will focus on stopping them from spreading!

If you’d like to take your fight to the next level, The Squad will protect your yard by offering regular treatments that create a protective barrier around your yard. Our technicians are trained to protect your pets and family from the nuisance and dangers of fleas.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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