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How Do Mosquitoes Fly?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
How Do Mosquitoes Fly?

June 10, 2020

Mosquitoes fly differently than most other insects and they are actually pretty bad at doing it. They have smaller wings relative to the size of their bodies compared to other insects that fly and mosquitoes are very inefficient .

The range of motion of their wings is much lower. The range of that circular motion is 44 degrees, out of 360 degrees that would make a full circle. A butterfly's range is 180 degrees. This means mosquitoes have to beat their wings much more to create lift. They beat their wings 800 times per second. That is almost four times as much as other flying insects. This type of motion with small wings creates a kind of vortex that allows them to hover. This uses a tremendous amount of energy. This is the reason that you hear that annoying high pitch buzz when they are flying around your head.

Because mosquitoes are so inefficient at flying, this means they cannot fly very far before having to rest. They can go a good distance from where they are hatched. They just don't do it all at once. They "bounce" around., flying a couple of feet then landing again and again. This flying behavior is a huge factor in how Mosquito Squad can control mosquitoes and keep you from getting those itchy bites in your backyard.

Mosquito Squad's Barrier Treatment has two components in the treatment to control mosquitoes and protect your family and pets. The first component is our "knockdown", It eliminates the mosquitoes right away. The second component is a micro-encapsulated product. The treatment puts out a billion of these teeny, tiny capsules that stick to the vegetation on your property. When mosquitoes fly the way they do, "bouncing" around your property, They will eventually land on the vegetation. They will absorb these tiny capsules and die from that contact.

This type of inefficient flying behavior and the types of products that Mosquito Squad uses allow us to offer a 90% elimination of mosquitoes in your backyard. This type of control sets us apart from others offering this service. It allows you peace of mind in keeping you and your family protected from nasty, itchy bites that can bring discomfort and disease.