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Little Known Facts About Ticks

Tick Facts

Even though ticks are a nasty animal whose bite you want to avoid, they are quite fascinating in their behavior and biology. Learning this behavior and biology makes for ways to know how to control the tick. This keeps them out of your backyard to avoid their bite and the diseases they can bring.

Ticks are not insects

Ticks are not insects at all. They are an arachnid. They are a cousin of the spider and scorpion with 4 pairs of legs and no antennae. 

Ticks live a long time

For a bug, ticks can live quite a while. Most insects have a lifespan that last just days or week. Ticks are a tough animal that have a life cycle that takes over 2 years for the tick to fully develop in some species.

Ticks don't die off in Winter

Many people think ticks will die off in the winter with a hard freeze like some insects. They don't. They find places to stay safe and go into a dormancy in dead leaves and other wooded debris. When it gets above 35 degrees, they can start getting active again.

Ticks are real life vampires

Some insects need a blood meal for a protein fix in order to lay eggs, like the mosquito, Ticks FEED off of blood. That is their source of nourishment and do not feed on anything else..

Ticks are in it for the long haul

Unlike most other pests that bite and let go after a second or so, a tick is in it for the long haul. They bite and try and stay attached for days and weeks, They bury their curve teeth into the host  to securely stay attached. Ticks do not transmit disease, like Lyme Disease, for awhile. They need to be attached for 24-48 hours to transmit any disease.

Ticks are dog lovers too!

While all types of ticks will attach themselves to almost any mammal. There are some ticks that prefer just dogs like the American Dog Tick. So, if you are a dog owner, check your pet and their bedding for ticks after walks and outdoor playtime.

Did you learn something know from these little known tick facts? The important thing to know is that ticks are a tough animal that can pose a dangerous threat to your family and threat. Like the mosquito, they can be much more than a nuisance. Mosquito Squad and help you control their presence in your back yard. Our mosquito and tick treatment helps to eliminate 90% of them. Go to to learn more of give us a call at 336-793-8463 to learn more.

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