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Triple Protection Against Mosquitoes in Your Southern New Hampshire Yard


Happy Memorial DayThe entire Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire team hopes you had an enjoyable and reflective Memorial Day weekend honoring our fallen hero’s and thanking those who continue to protect us. Memorial Day commemorates those who sacrificed for us but also marks the start of summer vacation and unfortunately, mosquito season. The kids will soon be out of school so now is the time to get your mosquito control secured so you can protect them all summer long.

If you attended a celebratory cookout, neighborhood party or family reunion, did you notice any uninvited guest nibbling not on the pasta salad but on your arm? Those annoying pests are mosquitoes and they are out in Southern New Hampshire. Protecting your family from painful mosquito bites and the diseases they carry like West Nile virus should start early. Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire is ready to start that defense with our triple-protection barrier treatment. Here’s how it works:

Triple protection against mosquitoesLevel 1: Our barrier treatment is applies to the shrubbery in your yard where mosquitoes rest and feed off the plant juices. Once the mosquitoes land on the foliage, they are eliminated on contact.

Level 2: Our barrier treatment binds to that vegetation and our time-released formula remains effective for 21 days, eradicating any mosquitoes (or ticks!) that lands on the treated area.

Level 3: Our treatment creates a barrier around your property to keep additional mosquitoes from entering.

Call now for Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire’s proactive protection throughout the season. We’ll eliminate those mosquitoes that have already made their way into your yard as well prevent other mosquitoes from entering. So when the kids are out of school and you are spending your night’s outdoors, you won’t have to worry about protecting them from those itchy bites and mosquito-borne illnesses. Our safe and effective barrier treatment will eliminate what mosquitoes are present and prevent resurgence for 21 days, which is when we come back to apply another treatment. It’s triple protection all summer long.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire to learn more about and our safe and effective barrier treatment program. Call now for a free quote • (603) 538-3125 and start living the mosquito free life