Pollinators and Pesticides

Posted by Mosquito Squad

January 18, 2017

Bees are in the news. It’s a very serious situation when it comes to our environment. Pollinators of all shapes and sizes are needed to keep our ecosystem balanced. This is something we take very seriously when selecting a pesticide for use in mosquito and tick control. Mosquito Squad uses a pyrethrin blend. The key to keep in mind is that a pesticide is designed to mitigate pests. Yes, if used improperly it can cause harm to other species. That is why it is so important to educate our technicians and the public. Most cases of damage come from private users. Anyone can buy certain types of pesticides in stores. If the mixture is off it can cause major damage to plant life, animals and non targeted insects. Most of us at the Squad are pet parents and realize that they are an integral part of our family.

Back to the pollinators! Bees are only one piece of an important program. It is imperative that we all know how to preserve them. Household cleaners, weed killers and other chemicals can be just as harmful. It is extremely important to follow all label directions when using chemicals. The major cases of bee genocide that you see in the news are during commercial blanket applications to a large area. Any broad application of insecticide, herbicide or larvicide can cause unforeseen issues. We follow integrated pest management practices which allows us to target specific areas.

All of our technicians are licenced through the state and have been expertly trained to mix properly. We mix on site to ensure the safety of the environment in case of accidents or equipment failures. We take our ecosystem in Maine very seriously. Our mix is only harmful to insects the size of a mosquito and tick while only being applied to their specific habitat on your property. We do not mist flowering plants where pollinators can be harmed. Our technicians are trained to walk the property if they are unfamiliar with it to map out any troubled areas, gardens, flowers or fruit producing trees.

My goal for these blogs are not to sell you on what we do. It is to educate the public and put a personal touch on our online presence. Mosquito Squad of Southern Maine is here to serve your needs and help you enjoy your outdoor living area!! After all, that’s why we live in Maine!!