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Marigolds, Lemongrass, Citronella Supposedly Repel Mosquitoes, But What Plants Attract Mosquitoes?


You thought you planted certain things to repel mosquitoes, didn’t you? Citronella, lemongrass, marigolds… all claim to keep the evil little biters away, although if they really do it is within a close range. But do you have plants that attract mosquitoes? It’s possible that’s something you never thought of.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes feed on nectar, even female mosquitoes, so flowering plants will attract them just like they attract bees. If you have a lovely yard full of flowers, the mosquitoes will take notice. However, it isn’t only the flowering plants.

What is the one element most associated with mosquitoes? Water. So consider your watery plants: water lilies, cattails, water hyacinths, water lettuce. The sheer water content attracts mosquitoes.

Now add the plants that require a lot of water (hibiscus, impatiens, and other annuals) and have you out with your hose daily, this is bound to stand and puddle a bit and that will attract mosquitoes too.

Plants with deep leaves and stems (bromeliads) can be an issue as well because of their ability to hold water. Not all standing water takes place in a pond or a planter, it can be found in the actual plant.

Moisture underneath plants can also create a larger mosquito population. Think about major shade creators or those with big broad leaves that lie low to the ground such as Hostas.

Have the Garden You Love Without the Mosquitoes

Now don’t go digging up the plants in your yard just yet. There are some better options. Consider where you plant the plants that attract mosquitoes. Putting them in the back and in the corners of your yard, away from where you would sit or entertain, could actually be of great benefit, pulling the mosquitoes away from you and your doorways. If you have the types of plants that hold water in their leaves and stems rinse them out every few days with a hard stream of water, flushing out eggs and larvae before they become adult mosquitoes. And most importantly, let the professionals give you a hand.

At Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts, our mosquito barrier treatment will eliminate 80-95% of existing mosquitoes in your yard and it will adhere to the leaves of your plants, continuing to work for up to three weeks. Our technicians are trained in strategic placement of the mist as well, knowing where you need it most while avoiding open flowers. You can trust us to understand how much you care about your flowers and plants and how much you want to be outside enjoying them without the mosquitoes.