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Meet The Bad Girls Of The Mosquito World, Saltmarsh Mosquitoes, Also Knows As Aedes Sollicitans

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Why Are Saltmarsh Mosquitoes Swarming So Aggressively?

Why Saltmarsh Mosquitoes are So Difficult to Control

Saltmarsh mosquitoes are bad – so bad they create a critical need for professional mosquito control.

The species name sollicitans is Latin, meaning "vexing" or "disturbing." They bite aggressively day or night. Aedes sollicitans mosquitoes resting in the tall grasses by day will quickly take flight once disturbed and attack anyone walking through the area.

However, the feature that makes this species of saltmarsh mosquitoes especially challenging is their extremely long flight distances. From April through October, large, fierce populations of saltmarsh mosquitoes can be found more than 30 miles inland from the nearest coastal swamp. In fact, there have been reports of seeing them as far as 100 miles from their likely larval habitats.

Saltmarsh Mosquitoes Need To Be Stopped With Trusted Mosquito Control As They Spread Dangerous Diseases

These saltmarsh mosquitoes are all-day biters, not just lurking to draw a blood meal in the early morning and late afternoon hours. They don't care if the sun is shining. Bluntly put, they are bold, brash, and bothersome.

Saltmarsh Mosquitoes Are Still A Huge Problem In Dry Drought Conditions

Summertime droughts could actually be making the saltwater mosquito problem worse. This is because less fresh water is flowing down local waterways, causing the water to become stagnant near the salt water barrier, which is a perfect breeding ground for salt marsh mosquitoes.

Unlike female members of other mosquito species, saltmarsh mosquitoes lay their eggs on dry ground that floods occasionally. Eggs hatch within a few minutes of being immersed in water, and development to adulthood requires less than a week. As the adults emerge, they migrate up to 40 miles and can withstand winds up to 15 miles per hour.

The most abundant breeding grounds are to the east and southeast. That is why we occasionally have sudden infestations of salt marsh mosquitoes associated with rain following a dry spell, coupled with southeastern winds.

How To Identify Saltmarsh Mosquitoes Who Most Definitely Need To Be Stopped With Mosquito Control


marshThese are dusky brown with a grey patch on their sides, and they have a white ring around their snout and several around their legs. It is bad enough that their bites are immediately annoying, but, unlike other mosquitoes which become active at night or on overcast days, saltmarsh mosquitoes will bite throughout sunny days. The bottom line? Professional mosquito control is the best way to limit your encounter with them.

News Reports Confirm Saltmarsh Mosquitoes Are Aggressive Daytime Biters That Need Mosquito Control

CBS Boston boasted the headline in July of 2021 "Aggressive, Daytime Biters: Cape Codders Are Battling Saltmarsh Mosquitoes."

"It's one of the worst seasons I've seen since I've been working on Cape Cod," said Curt Felix of the Mosquito Squad. "It's just absolutely horrendous." Although this article is from 2021, this has been a trend for a few years in July.

As more land is drained for development producing spoil areas that hold water sporadically, these mosquitoes are able to increase in numbers and swarm.

The saltmarsh mosquitoes are especially nasty because they don't need darkness to get active. And unlike their freshwater cousins, the saltwater mosquitoes will travel.

These aggressive, daytime biters will easily fly 5 to 10 miles for a blood meal.

There Is Only One Name You Need To Know For Saltmarsh Mosquito Control – Mosquito Squad

Because of their prevalence in even the driest conditions, you may find these eastern saltmarsh mosquitoes in clusters outside your home in your garden and landscape.

Even if these saltmarsh mosquitoes may not breed in your immediate area, they could relocate to your yard anytime as they are strong, determined fliers.

If you are within 40 miles of the salt marsh, you should hire professionals for preventative mosquito control. If your yard is treated, when they do show up, the treatment can reduce their impact on your outdoor experience.

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