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Stella! The Nor’easter Stella Came in With a Media Frenzy and Fizzled into Rain Quickly But Could Wreak Havoc on Your Spring Barbecue

March 14, 2017 was a day much of the Northeast United States will remember for a long time to come. News of the late winter Nor’easter dumping feet of snow hit the airwaves days ahead of its arrival. As we diligently prepared for being buried in feet of snow for several days, the storm came and fizzled fast due to warm temperatures changing it over to rain. When all was said and done, most of Southeastern Mass only received a total of 3-6 inches of snow. But, her impact doesn’t stop there!

Looks Can Be Deceiving

While we were the lucky ones who could declare an unnecessary media freak out, central Massachusetts saw 10-13 inches of snow, and western Massachusetts takes the crown with Huntington receiving 20 inches of snow from Stella. You’ll also be glad to know that Stella was not a dud for surrounding states, with areas of Vermont receiving upwards of 58 inches of snow.

While Stella’s immediate impact on Southeastern Massachusetts was less than expected, we could see some ripple effects as spring weather moves in and mosquitoes begin to emerge.

Did you know that it only takes 10 days of temperatures reaching 45 degrees and above for mosquitoes to begin reproducing? If you look back, you’ll see that only on three days since Stella hit have we not topped out over 45 degrees. This is a strong indication mosquito season will be here soon if weather trends stay on course.

Did you know that mosquitoes need standing water to reproduce? With a late winter snow storm like Stella, the environment is ripe for a thriving early mosquito population. With landscaping and lawn work not being top of mind just yet, you might neglect some sources of standing water in your yard, giving mosquitoes on your property an early source for growth.

We urge you take a few of your spring landscape clean-up steps early this year. Follow the 5 Ts of mosquito control for a quick assessment of potential mosquito breeding grounds in your yard. While you’re at it, check out the 6 C’s of tick control to make sure you’re not a creating an attractive tick habitat.

Call Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts to sign up for season-long tick control and mosquito control. When a season shows potential for a particularly high population of ticks and mosquitoes or an early arrival, we adjust our calendar to head it off before it becomes an issue. This year we are offering an early April treatment for those looking to get out ahead of this summer’s mosquito and tick population.