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Protect Your Yard from the Hidden Mosquito Ecosystem

Corrugated Downspout Extension

No matter where you are, mosquitos find their way into our lives. But did you know that your yard harbors a hidden mosquito ecosystem? It may surprise you what two prevalent places are breeding grounds for these biters.

The Hidden Mosquito Ecosystem That You Might Be Overlooking

You may be surprised to learn that there are places that are very welcoming to mosquitos. All species of mosquitos need water to lay their eggs, but just how little water is required might be the biggest shock to people. Some species need only an ounce of water for the larva to thrive. So being diligent with the 7 T's of Mosquito Control is very important. Two places that you need to be mindful of are catch basins that connect to storm drains and corrugated extension spouts that protect your home's foundation.

Let Catch Basins Collect Water, Not Mosquitos

Catch basins and storm drains are one of those 'out of sight, out of mind' necessities on streets. They catch water runoff from yards and roads and take it to natural waterways or into the sewer, so streets and property are clear of standing water. Between storms, though, water can settle inside the debris catch of the basins, providing mosquitos with plenty of standing water to lay their eggs.

Here are three ways to ensure that mosquitos won't settle in your storage drain. First, ensuring that the catch basin has drainage holes in its bottom will allow the remaining water to be naturally absorbed by the surrounding earth. Second, add a screen to the top of your catch basin to allow water through, but not mosquitos. And third, completely cover your catch drain with stones and place sod over the top. This will allow plenty of drainage through the sod and stones while hiding the drain from sight and preventing the mosquitos from calling it home. All these methods help ensure that chemicals are not introduced to the waterways.

Elevate Your Downspouts to Prevent PestsMosquitos on Skin

Corrugated extension spouts are a trickier matter when ensuring that they do not offer any standing water. You need to make sure that they have the proper slope to route water from your gutters and yard to prevent pooling and remain free of debris. Taking steps to install gutter guards to prevent blockage and ensuring that your gutters and drainage are properly maintained will help keep your yard from getting too soggy and remove any additional places for mosquitos to populate.

Reliable Protection with Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment

Once you've taken care of your catch basin and spout extensions, you can further protect your yard with the help of the Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts. Our Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment reduces mosquitos in your yard by 85-90%. This effective mosquito control for your Southeastern Massachusetts home lasts up to three weeks and is implemented by our trained professionals.

Call the Experts in Southeastern Massachusetts Mosquito Control

Don't delay getting your home treated for mosquitoes. Take action yourself to reduce mosquitoes on your property by following the 7 Ts of mosquito control. And if you're ready to enjoy your yard all season long without worrying about mosquitoes, call our team today to request a free quote for the Southeastern Massachusetts mosquito control treatment.

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