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Lyme Disease is Confusing & Rampant in Southeastern, Massachusetts

Lyme Disease in the South Shore of Massachusetts is at epidemic proportions and expected to be significantly worse this summer. With that being said, we are always staying on top of the latest discoveries in Lyme disease symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. 

The difficult diagnosis has been one of the biggest struggles for patients who are ill without having or noticing the infamous bulls-eye rash. With a variety of other symptoms, all of which could be attributed to other conditions and the unique combinations of these symptoms in every case, diagnosing Lyme has not improved much in recent years.

The CDC has recently released a handy chart of reported Lyme disease cases by symptoms. While the CDCthinks the actual number of cases is about 10x higher than those reported, this chart shows the variety of symptoms in those cases diagnosed, giving us a glimpse into the reasons why so many other cases may have gone undiagnosed.

With 71% of reported cases showing the stereotypical bulls-eye rash, it is not surprising to hear reports of those who do not notice or have a rash struggle to get a proper diagnosis. But with increased education of populations in high-risk areas such as Lakeville, Middleborough, Plymouth and the rest of Southeastern Massachusetts we can help people be aware of the possibilities when symptoms develop. We particularly like the comprehensive list of Lyme symptoms and other helpful resources provided by

In the meantime, prevention is the best medicine. Following the CDC’s Lyme prevention checklist, following Mosquito Squad of Southeasten Mass’s 6Cs of tick control for your yard and signing up for our Intensive Tick Control program to lower ticks on your property by 85-90%. Call now for a free quote!