Say Good Riddance to Mosquitoes.

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Stoughton Mosquito & Tick Control

Top-Notch Pest control Services in Fitchburg, Fontana, Janesville & Surrounding Areas

Mosquito Squad® is the most trusted source of mosquito and tick control in America. Our South Central Wisconsin tick and mosquito control and prevention specialists are licensed and trained in the industry’s most effective techniques, including our innovative Protective Barrier Treatment. Our team has provided more than 300,000 families with 2 million hyper-effective treatments, allowing them and their pets to enjoy their yards without fear of getting bitten or contracting a vector-borne disease.

Mosquito Squad of South Central Wisconsin uses only EPA-registered ingredients as we scientifically target your property where mosquitoes are likely to gather or breed. Our proprietary formula eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes and ticks. You can expect a dramatic reduction in outdoor pests for 14-21 days. For our barrier treatment, all-natural options, and one-time special event sprays, call our mosquito control specialists for a free estimate at (608) 247-5225. We proudly serve Stoughton, Elkhorn, Madison, Fontana, Oregon , Fitchburg, Elkhorn, Milton, Verona, Fort Atkinson, Edgerton, and the surrounding areas in southern Wisconsin.

Give our mosquito and tick treatment specialists a call at (608) 247-5225 or contact us online today.

About Our South Central Wisconsin Mosquito & Tick Control Team

Say Good Riddance to Mosquitoes.

Because we’re locally owned and operated, Mosquito Squad of South Central Wisconsin is made up of people you might know or see around. Our staff often hears about our business as customers first. Once they see the sort of results we deliver, they know we’re the kind of service they want to be a part of. Whether you need 24/7 protection from outdoor pests, a one-time spray for an outdoor event, or all-natural sprays made from essential oils, Mosquito Squad of South Central Wisconsin has you covered.


All of our treatments are designed to dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, stink bugs, and other dangerous and obnoxious pests in your backyard. If you’re not satisfied with your results, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee in Stoughton, Janesville, Fitchburg, Elkhorn, and throughout South Central Wisconsin. Call us within 21 days, and we’ll come to your house and spray again at no cost or refund your money. Either way, we make sure our customers are fully satisfied with their results after every job. Proudly offering all our mosquito and tick services in Stoughton, Elkhorn, Madison, Fontana, Verona, Oregon, and throughout southern Wisconsin.