Does Mosquito Barrier Protection Work?

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Do Mosquito Barrier Protection Services Work?

Effective Mosquito Barrier Protection in Providence

Mosquito barriers might also be referred to as perimeter mist or yard mist. Mosquito barrier services do work when misted of common mosquito feeding areas. Mosquito barriers misted directly onto your skin may not work as effectively.

Mosquito Squad will help protect your family from mosquito bites by eliminating up to 90% of the mosquitoes around your home. Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island’s trained technicians applies mosquito barrier protection to homes, commercial properties, and special event venues throughout the Pawtucket area. 

The idea of barrier protection is to mist your yard instead of yourself. Trying to keep up with misting yourself and everyone who spends time in your yard is frustrating, time-consuming, expensive, and can be a sticky proposition. Who wants to mist themselves over and over again, and who wants to wash the chemical mist off every time they come back inside? Further, do you really want to do this with your children? And what about your pets? Even if you treat your pets for fleas and ticks, that effort will be put to quite a test after your dog spends time padding through a deep leaf pile or digging into a brush pile - right where ticks love to hang out. The good news is that our Pawtucket barrier treatment will help protect your family and pets against ticks too!

How does our Pawtucket mosquito control barrier protection work?

The trained and professional technicians at Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island will apply a mosquito barrier protection mist around the perimeter of your property. This includes both your front and back yard. They will treat the perimeter as well as all the standing vegetation. In addition, they can focus on treating the areas where you spend the most time such as your deck or even around the kids' trampoline. Perhaps your cat has a favorite place in the yard for sunning or resting in the shade. Your Mosquito Squad technician can pay special attention to those areas, as well.

This innovative mist does a couple of things. First, it gets to work controlling mosquitoes and ticks the moment it is applied. Mosquito barrier protection will then form an invisible barrier around your yard to control the number of mosquitoes and ticks in and around your yard for up to 21 days. You might be surprised by how effective our barrier protection is. Say good riddance to mosquitoes!

How does mosquito barrier protection work for so long?

Our mosquito control product contains a time-release formula that continues to work by adhering to vegetation, where mosquitoes and ticks like to hang out. Our barrier treatment is micro-encapsulated to slowly release protection over an extended period of time. What then? Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island will return and re-treat your property.

Trust Mosquito Squad, America’s original and guaranteed mosquito control since 2005, to protect your family from mosquitoes and ticks this year. Call us today at (401) 825-0110.