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Can Ticks Infest a House?

tick on yellow leaf

In recent times, concern about ticks and the various diseases they carry has reached all-time highs, and for good reason. Ticks are one of the most common parasites we can encounter on a daily basis, and they are only becoming more common. From forests to residential areas, ticks are expanding their range for a few reasons, including warming temperatures and ample food sources. Our yards are not as safe as they were in years prior, too. Largely indiscriminate in what creatures they feed on, ticks are a real threat to your health and the health of your loved ones. So, if ticks are becoming more common, should you be concerned about these parasites infesting your home once they are inside?

Ticks in the home are always a subject of concern, but the chances that a tick will breed in your home are unlikely, but that doesn’t mean an infestation hasn’t happened before. Warm, damp areas are the favored habitat of ticks, and if such a place exists in the confines of your home, an infestation could be a possibility. Fortunately, such a situation isn’t something to lose sleep over. With the proper precautions, a tick infestation is very preventable by doing frequent tick-checks on your body, conducting yard work to clear potential tick habitat, and consulting a tick control professional. At Mosquito Squad, we have all the Darien tick control tools to help you avoid ticks and the dangerous diseases they often carry.

Darien tick control: More important than ever

Considering how nearly 50% of ticks in CT are estimated to carry Lyme disease, conducting your own tick control efforts is taking a hefty risk. As helpful as controlling tick habitat is, there is no guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded with a reduction of the tick population on your property. These little parasites are skilled sleuths, and professional tick control is the only way to provide sufficient defense.

Who to trust for Darien tick control

Fortunately, Mosquito Squad can guarantee that ticks on your property will see a dramatic fall in their numbers, and we’ve been offering this guarantee for nearly twenty years. With a proven track record of providing powerful tick control for our neighbors, we are still going strong. What is our secret? There are a few things that make us a leader in the tick control industry. In addition to the years of tick control knowledge and training possessed by our technicians, we also offer an innovative treatment called barrier protection mist. Applied around the border of your property and in other areas where ticks might be hiding, this mist provides resilient defense that can last for up to 21 days. With our ultimate protection plan, a biweekly treatment will keep you and your family well defended all through tick season.

While a tick infestation in your house is unlikely, there is no reason to take risks. Ticks are all over CT, but the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Fairfield, Lyme and New Haven County are here to defend you. Give us a call at (203) 275-0078.