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Is yard mosquito treatment OK for my dogs and cats?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

August 1, 2018

Is Mosquito Spray Safe For Pets?

Of course, it is! In addition to eliminating mosquitoes, yard barrier treatments can protect humans and four-legged friends alike from the dangers of mosquitoes and ticks. EPA-registered bug sprays are required to perform their intended function without posing “unreasonable risks of adverse effects on health or the environment.” This applies to both people and pets.

Mosquito & Tick Barrier Treatments

Although we’ve been around for a dozen years now, Mosquito Squad knows that the idea of yard mosquito mist is still quite new to many people. So when people first learn about our barrier protection treatment, it’s only natural that they have many questions. One of the most common questions we hear is, “Is it OK for my pets?”

There’s a very short answer to this question, and that is:

We wouldn’t develop a barrier protection formula that wasn’t OK for both people and their dogs and cats. All of our products are EPA-registered, which is an incredibly complex process to go through. All we ask is that your pets (and you and your family), not return to your yard until 30 minutes after we distribute our treatment, in order to give it time to dry.

It is important to note, however, that Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment is not solely relied upon for your dog or cat’s tick prevention. Pet owners should always continue to use their pet’s veterinarian-prescribed/recommended tick treatment on their furry friends. Our barrier treatment is a helper, but not a replacement for your pet’s tick control.

So there’s no need to worry about your pets’ health in regards to Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment. They’ll be just as protected from mosquitoes and ticks that you will be — 90% for nearly 3 weeks straight. Give Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Nassau a call at (516) 874-3003 to take back your yard from the biting bugs, and start enjoying it again. We look forward to working with you!