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Who We Are: Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit Serving Northville, Michigan

Talk about a city where people love their pets, and you'd be referring to Northville. All you have to do is take a look in any residential community, along the streets, or a little trek over to Cady Street Dog Park, where you can find leashed and unleashed pet zones filled with happy pets. Two main things that can impact the happiness of the residents and their pets are ticks and mosquitoes. These dreadful insects are often summer's main drawbacks. While some tend to be harmless, others can be pretty deadly, so it's crucial to eliminate them or keep them away.

You can'tget rid of mosquitoes and ticks entirely. Still, when the Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit Serving Northville arrives, we can remove those in your immediate vicinity and keep them away from you all summer. To keep pests at bay, we use either synthetic or naturaltreatment in your event space, backyard, and even your commercial zone. Our technicians can even reduce their negative impact on your gatherings or campfires. We've been in the business for fifteen years and know how to keep mosquitoes away from you and your loved ones.

Mosquito Control inNorthville, Michigan

When a mosquito bites you, saliva is transferred to your body. Be aware that it might have bitten someone beforehand and could be delivering viruses to you.Mosquitoes can spread diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus after they've bitten you. Millions of people have already suffered the consequences of mosquito bites, and many have died. Mosquitoes have annihilated a significant portion of humanity.

Allow the Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit serving Northville to inspect your home or commercial area for breeding sources, so you don't have to find out how deadly they can be. We'll get rid of the pests already there and use our Barrier Protection Treatment to keep them away for about 21 days. During the warm season, we'll immediately return to treatment if you choose a season plan.

Tick Control in Northville, Michigan

Ticks are most involved when the temperature has risen above freezing or is slightly warmer. Several searches for humans and animals during the day's more relaxed and wet hours, such as early morning or sunset. Others, on the other hand, are much more involved during the hotter and drier midday hours.

Don't fall prey to their bloodlust. Enable Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit, Serving Northville, to assist you in protecting yourself. If you have an infestation or live near woods, we can also use field mice traps to get rid of them. Have you heard? For up to 21 days, we've got some special maneuvers to keep the tick away from your family and pets, like tick tube baits to lure mice, which then carry the treatment into tick nests and destroy the ticks that bite them. It has a 90 percent success rate.

NaturalMosquito Control Northville, Michigan

As people become more concerned about their health and the environment, naturalmosquito treatments are becoming more common. Many businesses and homeowners like, and even need, effective naturalmosquito protection to keep pests at bay. We understand that having mosquitoes invading your outdoor business event or family gathering will make guests scamper away.

Let's take a look at naturalmosquito repellents, with a particular emphasis on the Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit serving Northville and the mosquito and tick prevention repellents we use. We use essential oils, which have a light botanical fragrance that dissipates after a few hours. It will keep repelling insects for about 14 days. After half an hour of drying, your family will resume their outdoor activities.

Why Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit

Our Northville mosquito protection team keeps up with current events in the outdoors. We want to ensure that your family and pets are protected and that your events go off without a hitch, so we're working hard to provide you with the same 100 percentsatisfaction guarantee that we've given to a number of previous customers. Don't put your family in danger.

Call us today at (844) 630-1030 or fill out our onlinecontact form to regain your yard and enjoy the outdoors once more.

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