Will Mosquitoes be Bad in NY this Year?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

As if we haven’t had enough news about novel diseases of the past couple of years, there is yet another disease you need to be wary of. As opposed to years prior, climate change is causing our environment to experience longer spells of warmer, wetter weather that aids mosquito proliferation. Such climate conditions are atypical of the Northeast, and mosquito-borne diseases are becoming more common as a result. Back in 1999, nearly 70 years after its discovery in Uganda, West Nile virus was introduced to the United States by an infected mosquito. In the years since, relatively few people have been infected, yet evidence suggests that infection rates are going to grow in our current environmental conditions.

To give you an idea of how serious the mosquito issue in NY is, the state requested federal funding to assist in controlling its mosquito populations, which are expected to continue their rapid growth this spring and summer. West Nile virus is assuredly going to be present in mosquitoes this summer, which is incredibly concerning. Why? To give you an idea of the virus’s lethality, 2,647 cases were confirmed in the state in 2019, resulting in 167 deaths. The mortality rate upon contracting the disease is disturbingly high, which should lead you to consider how you can implement mosquito control this summer. There is little doubt that climate conditions are allowing mosquito populations to grow with incredible speed, and this summer is likely to follow the pattern.

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