Do Long Island Tree Farms Have Ticks?

Tick on a leaf

Do Long Island Tree Farms Have Ticks?

Now that winter is on the horizon, many of the insects that make our life unpleasant throughout the summer months have died off or disappeared into their cold weather retreats, including ticks. They may be out of sight right now, but they can still be seen in significant numbers as late as October! Cold weather is far less of an obstacle to ticks than mosquitoes and can survive in their burrows over the winter. Ticks heavily rely on other animals as food sources, which makes them true parasites. As winter approaches and the temperature drops, adult ticks will frequently travel in quest of a last blood meal. While the window of tick activity is nearly closed, it doesn't hurt to stay wary of these bloodsuckers. Ticks will begin looking for somewhere to spend the winter in the fall, and rodent and other animal-made burrows are leading contenders. When you go in search of a Christmas tree this winter, keep ticks in mind out of an abundance of caution

The chances you encounter a tick this winter is very unlikely, but there may still be a risk when you cut your own tree. Ticks don't reside on trees during the winter months, and even in the summer they are rarely seen there. These insects like to stay near the ground or in high grass and bushes where they can lie in wait for their victims. While picking up a tick is a slim probability, you probably have a similar chance of unintentionally introducing a tick egg into your house. Coming in contact with a Christmas tree isn't the big concern, though. Often, the biggest chance of encountering a tick during the winter comes when you're in proximity to wild animals. If a tree farm has ample wildlife, ticks could be awaiting a chance to hitch a ride from their positions on the ground.

So, if you visit a tree farm to cut your own tree, wear long sleeves and pants. Further, when you get home, make sure to conduct a thorough tick check. Ticks are great at evading detection, so it never hurts to stay aware of their potential activity.

Tick control Long Island

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked for nearly twenty years to provide our neighbors with comprehensive tick control options. With the help of our innovative treatments and our highly-trained technicians, we can work to control tick populations on your property both during the warmer months, as well as during the fall and winter.

You are unlikely to find ticks in the winter but stay aware when harvesting your Christmas tree. If searching for tick control Long Island, Mosquito Squad of Long Island is your source! Give us a call at (631) 203-1252.

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