Stony Brook Tick Control – Do Ticks Live by the Water?

Stony Brook tick control

Living by the water is one of life’s greatest pleasures. From spending time on a boat or paddleboard to enjoying the view, there are lots of positives to living near a body of water. With the arrival of summer, the water beckons even more enthusiastically than before, but spending time outside is less safe than you might think. Yes, there are dangers from living near the water, but you’re probably not thinking of the same risks we are. Ticks are on our mind this summer, and they should be on your mind as well. Despite their minuscule size, ticks are a huge threat to the outdoor living season every year, so it’s important to know the risks of encountering this arachnid. Unlike mosquitoes, which deliver a painful, itchy bite, ticks are much more secretive when they feed. Their bites are painless, and ticks move slowly, so it is relatively easy for them to go undetected. This is where the danger lies. Ticks are known to carry various diseases that can devastate your health, Lyme disease being chief among them. This illness can cause everything from headaches to short-term memory loss, and other tick-borne diseases can be even more serious. Yes, some can be lethal. With these diseases in mind, you have to wonder, are there ticks near you or the water?

Don’t worry about ticks swimming. Although there are rumors that suggest some ticks can go for more than a day submerged, these creatures can’t swim and will sink. What you should worry about, instead, are the long grasses and shrubbery you can often find near bodies of water. Ticks are parasites, meaning they are heavily reliant on hitching rides on other animals. To snag a ride and a meal, ticks will hang out in tall grasses where they can reach with their hook-like hands and grab onto a passing animal. Unfortunately, humans are just as tasty to ticks as any other animal, so make sure to steer clear of areas that might harbor ticks. Your health and happiness might depend on it! Don’t worry too much, though. With professionally applied tick control, you can roam with abandon around your yard. Stay wary, of course, but tick control provides the best defense on the market.

Who to trust for Stony Brook tick control

Ticks are a serious issue this summer, but Mosquito Squad has the solutions you need. Since 2005, we’ve provided tick control to our customers with resounding success. Our tick treatments, when applied every 2 weeks with our premium protection program, are guaranteed to defend you all season from ticks.

Ticks like to hang out in the grasses around lakes and coastal regions. To defend against these nasty creatures, consult Mosquito Squad of Long Island for Stony Brook tick control. Give us a call at (631) 203-1252.