Huntington Tick and Mosquito Control – 2 Pests, 1 Solution

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With the outdoor living season once again upon us, have you started to make plans? Warmer weather is always a great incentive to get moving and go outside to enjoy the summer temperatures, and millions of people will be doing just that in the coming months. If you anticipate being among them, now is the time to consider what measures you will take to defend yourself against the pests that also emerge in the summer. Ticks and mosquitoes are the bane of outdoor enjoyment for numerous reasons. As you already know, bites from insects that intend to suck your blood are incredibly unpleasant, both physically and psychologically. Personal space is important to any person, but these creatures have no comprehension of what personal space is. Indeed, ticks and mosquitoes act aggressively to invade your space and your skin. Whether you like to spend time out in your yard or plan to enjoy an outdoor special event this summer, only a few ticks or mosquitoes are necessary to ruin whatever outdoor activity you had planned. Both creatures are more than they appear, too.

Why is Huntington tick control important?

Ticks and mosquitoes rely on blood for different reasons, but the effect can be the same. Upon biting you, ticks and mosquitoes can infect you with dangerous pathogens that can be debilitating. Whether you contract a mosquito-borne disease or a tick-borne disease, both are incredibly serious and can have long-term consequences. For example, Lyme disease comes from ticks and has a very low chance of being diagnosed due to the disease’s generic symptoms. Chronic Lyme disease is pretty common and can cause everything from joint inflammation to varying degrees of memory loss. With this kind of danger in mind, it is incredibly important that you take preventative measures this season. Ticks and mosquitoes are resourceful and will find you. Make sure your property isn’t habitable to them in the first place. For Huntington tick control and mosquito control

Who to trust for Huntington mosquito control

Mosquito Squad specializes in both tick and mosquito control, and we’ve been doing so for nearly 20 years. We are a leader in the industry, and we have the tools and experience to keep you defended against both pests throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Our treatment options include our EPA registered barrier protection spray and our natural spray; both of which provide powerful defense against ticks and mosquitoes. With a treatment every 2 weeks, you are guaranteed to see a dramatic reduction in both the tick and mosquito population in your yard.

At Mosquito Squad of Long Island, we offer Huntington tick and mosquito control that is guaranteed effective against both pests. Give us a call at (631) 203-1252.