Gnats are Annoying, but a Flea Infestation is Downright Dangerous

A photo of a flea

Groups of gnats buzzing about your person and throughout your home are annoying, but if your home becomes infested with fleas, sound the alarm.

Prevention vs. cure comes into play when it comes to fleas. It’s easier to prevent fleas than it is to get rid of them. What’s worse, is that fleas, like mosquitoes and ticks, are blood-sucking parasites. If your pet gets infested with fleas, they can become anemic from blood loss. If your yard or home becomes a flea haven, you should know that anemia is not the biggest threat they bring with them. And the threat is not solely to your pets. Humans can be infected with flea diseases too.

Flea Control Las Cruces for Flea Disease Prevention

One study conducted by the University of Arizona found that of the 100 flea species found in New Mexico, only two species do not carry plague. You read that correctly – plague. But plague is not the only potentially dangerous disease passed by fleas in New Mexico.

Fleas have been shown to carry murine typhus. People can contract typhus if flea feces that contains the disease enters a skin opening, the eye, or the airway. In these instances, people can experience chills, body aches, and headaches, among other physical symptoms. To treat typhus symptoms, people may require antibiotics.

Along with plague and typhus, some fleas carry tularemia, aka "rabbit fever." Tularemia is rare, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports only about 200 human cases of it per year. For those who contract tularemia, they can experience a sore throat, inflamed eyes, and various flu-like symptoms. They may require antibiotics to treat their tularemia symptoms.

If you're dealing with fleas, groups of gnats, or other pesky insects in Las Cruces, help is available. Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces can provide tips and recommendations for how to get gnats to leave you alone. On top of that, we provide comprehensive flea control Las Cruces services.

We offer a flea control treatment that helps you address fleas that inhabit tall grass, brush and wood piles, and other spots on your property. Our team can assess your property and identify any areas where fleas populate and breed. Then, we can apply our flea control treatment and help prevent fleas from spreading.

Flea Control for Peace of Mind is at Your Fingertips

Mosquito Squad of Las Cruces can help prevent an unwanted flea infestation in or around your home with proven flea control. To get started, please fill out our form online or call us at (575) 221-1787 for a free quote.

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