Fall Tick and Mosquito Safety to Remember

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man in the woods Ah! That first refreshing morning when you discover that the night time temperatures finally dipped below the seventies and you can spend a little more time outdoors. What sweet relief! Fall is here, and morning coffee on the deck or patio is an enjoyable way to begin your days again.

Summer Heat is Gone. Summer Bugs are Not!

The fall season is also marked by increased trips to the park and trails for hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. And while the summer heat has dissipated, the summer bugs have not! They are enjoying the temperatures just as well as you. Mosquitoes and ticks are plentiful on our favorite trails, lakes, and streams and they might just be more dangerous than any other time of year.

Mosquitoes are a huge nuisance all summer, but towards the end of summer until going dormant in winter, they are more likely to be carrying and spreading West Nile Virus. There has been positive WNV test in mosquitoes across all of the Upstate this year-marking the beginning of mosquito-borne disease season.

In addition, the ticks who thrive better in slightly cooler, moist conditions are going to be more active now as well! If you are hiking at Table Rock or Rainbow Falls or even downtown at Falls Park  – stay on the path, those little buggers are just waiting for you to brush by them on the trail to grab ahold and climb.

Get out there! Enjoy nature! But be sure to remind yourself of the following precautions when you are out in untreated areas:

Mosquito Safety:

Tick Safety:

  • Long pants, tucked into your socks.
  • Treat clothing with Permethrin.
  • Use insect repellent containing DEET on exposed skin.
  • Check for ticks after returning home from a trip in the woods or trails.

And for at home, call Mosquito Squad of Greenville. We are still treating until the weather tells us otherwise, so you can enjoy peace-of-mind and fewer annoyances on your property. And with the fall football season here, we know game day on the porch is happening and the mosquitoes are not going to ruin that! Go Gamecocks!  Call today! (864) 362-2013

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