What Types of Ticks Can Be Found In and Around Greenville?


How often you think about ticks could be relative to where you live and where you play. If you spend a lot of time hiking Caesar’s Head, biking the Swamp Rabbit trail, or if you live in a more heavily wooded part of Greenville like Travelers Rest then you might start thinking about tick protection on that very first warm day in late winter.

However, if you live in a more urban part of town and your idea of an outdoor activity is eating on the patio at Grill Marks it’s possible tick activity hasn’t crossed your mind. The reality is that we have ticks, they are out, and it’s possible to pick them up in areas you might not expect. Ticks can carry some pretty nasty diseases so it’s best to be aware of them. Here is a list of those diseases and the ticks that carry them here in our state according to DCHEC.  

tick identification chart


  • Symptoms- fever, headache, chills, malaise, muscle pain, stomach issues, confusion conjunctivitis, rash (more likely in children).
  • Treated with antibiotics. Can be deadly if not treated.
  • Carried by the Lone Star Tickdeer tick, and dog tick

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever:

  • Symptoms- fever, headache, rash, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, muscle pain, lack of appetite, conjunctivitis.
  • Treated with antibiotics. Can be deadly if not treated.
  • Carried by the American dog tickRocky Mountain wood tickbrown dogtick

Lyme Disease:

  • Symptoms- bullseye rash, headache, muscle & joint pain, flu-like symptoms, inflammation of the heart or nervous system.
  • Treated with antibiotics. Without early treatment, symptoms can last a very long time.
  • Carried by the deer tick

Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness (STARI):

  • Symptoms- Expanding rash, mild fever and headache.
  • Treated with antibiotics.
  • Carried by the Lone Star Tick

The CDC has recently reported that the cases of tick-borne illnesses have tripled over the last 13 years. There are more ticks, more disease and they are moving into larger areas. That is why at Mosquito Squad of Greenville we want you to know what’s out there. Fighting ticks and the diseases they carry begins with knowledge, but just knowing isn’t enough. To fight ticks at home in these times of growing disease we suggest professional services. Our barrier treatment will eliminate 85-90% of the adult ticks in your yard. Call us today at (864) 362-2013!