Greenville makes the top 50 list for worst cities for mosquitos - again. Find out how you can fight the bite!

If you’ve lived in Upstate South Carolina for some time, it may not be a huge surprise that Greenville was ranked #27 for the worst U.S. cities for mosquitos in 2020. Back in 2014, the area was ranked #14. As Greenville has ranked in the top 50 for six years in a row, it doesn’t seem like the mosquitos are going away on their own any time soon.

Standing Water is a Problem

When nighttime temperatures hit 68 degrees, mosquitos are particularly active. In Greenville, those temperatures typically arrive in May. This year, there’s been a ton of rain, which will likely make mosquito season worse. Standing water attracts the mosquitos and allows them to breed hundreds of eggs. The more standing water you have, the bigger your mosquito problem will likely be.

At Mosquito Squad of Greenville, we urge you to get rid of as much standing water in your yard as possible. We’re talking toys, planter drip trays – anything that collects water, dump it out!

What Else Attracts Mosquitos?

mosquito biting person

Beer: Are you a beer drinker? Research says that beer drinkers are more attractive to mosquitos than those who don’t consume the suds. Beer increases the ethanol content in your sweat, and mosquitos like ethanol. Mosquitos also are drawn to strong smells, including the pungent odor that beer emits. Alcohol consumption also increases body temperature, and research shows that mosquitos move toward heat sources when seeking their targets.

Blood Type: If you have Type O blood, beware! Research indicates that mosquitos prefer people with Type O blood types twice as much as people with Type A blood types.

Sweat & Body Odor: All the compounds released in your sweat make you more attractive to mosquitos. And again – they love those pungent odors!

Greenville Mosquito Control

We all know mosquitos are annoying, but they also carry mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile, Zika, and EEE. To reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases in your yard, the best option is to eliminate the mosquitos themselves. For dependable Greenville mosquito control, you can trust Mosquito Squad of Greenville. Our Mosquito Control Barrier Protection treatment reduces 85-90% of mosquitos on contact and continues to work for three weeks. Take control of your yard today by calling Mosquito Squad of Greenville – (864) 362-2013.

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