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Who We Are: Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, Serving Cascade, Michigan

Just a few minutes southeast of Grand Rapids is where you'll find this lovely town, divided into two sections by the picturesque Thornapple River. Tourists and locals alike love this town with just under 20 thousand because of its cultural indulgences, mixed economy, and impressive downtown area. What's not spectacular are the pests when they choose to swoop in during the warmer months from spring through summer.

mosquito biting person

However, the Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, Serving Cascade is always prepared to efficiently handle mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other insects that may try to ruin your day, especially when you want to don your summer clothes. We offer two distinct types of treatments: the naturaltreatment and our traditional barrier treatment. Whichever method you choose will effectively keep pests at bay so you can enjoy your outdoor activities or relaxation on your patio and in your backyard. Our barrier treatment will eliminate most of the mosquitoes and keep them away for up to three weeks and two weeks with the naturaltreatment.

Mosquito Control in Cascade, Michigan

Anyone who lives in an environment where mosquitoes transmit the West Nile virus (WNV) is at risk of developing the disease. Every summer in Michigan, WNV outbreaks have been documented for nearly two decades. Don't panic; the Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, Serving Cascade area, is always ready to help.

We've been eliminating mosquitos and keeping them at bay for a long time. Before misting the Barrier Treatment to keep them away for up to 21 days, we'll take care of their origins. Give us a call for one-time treatments or the entire season (recommended). Whether you are at home or not, our skilled technicians will return every three weeks for the rest of the season to keep your family safe and will leave you a letter.

Tick Control in Cascade, Michigan

Ticks are just as bad and sometimes worse than mosquitoes. That's because when they latch on to your skin, they bury their head beneath your skin and are difficult to remove. Not only that, they can suck your blood for days or weeks and infect you with deadly viruses. Ticks affect both you and your pets and can lead to an infestation in your home rapidly.

Thankfully, our Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, Serving Cascade area, knows a thing or two about eliminating ticks. Our barrier treatment usually keeps ticks away. However, we have a more stringent measure when there's an infestation. First, we find their hideout, address that and utilize our tick tube technique. This method involves attracting field mice to the formula around the periphery of your home, and the mice, in turn, pass it to the hundreds of ticks that enjoy feeding on them, and voila, the ticks die. Our squad leaves no stone unturned when dealing with tick issues.

NaturalMosquito Control, Cascade, Michigan

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Thousands of our customers both locally and overseas have been requesting naturaltreatment as a personal preference. The versatile technicians at Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, Serving Cascade area, are prepared to fulfill our customers' requests by providing an essential oils-based treatment that effectively keeps away the mosquitoes for approximately 14 days.

The great thing is, it carries a faint botanical scent that won't affect your family or pets. Also, you're able to return outside in less than an hour after the team has completed treatment. It would help if you continued the treatments until the end of the warm season. This way, you'll enjoy the entire season up to 90 percent pest-free.

Why Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids

We deliver a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. This offer is to demonstrate that we're devoted to furnishing you with the most favorable service possible. If a lot of pests re-emerge before the treatment time frame ends, we will return and re-mist. Our process has the backing of more than 300,000 people.

Please fill out our contact form or reach out to the Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids Serving Cascade at (616) 920-8069 to learn why we've earned so many favorable reviews. We'll give you a free estimate and get you back outside quickly.

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