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Public Alert: Do NOT Wear Your Maxi Skirt to That Lawn Party!

Warning: whatever you do, please do not wear your maxi skirt or maxi dress to a lawn party or any other party in a grassy area.

A couple years ago, before maxi dresses were popular, my friend and I went to visit a wildlife preserve. Along with lots of large animals, there apparently were a tremendous number of small insects – and not just the ones that were biting my arms and ankles. Apparently, the mosquitoes as well as ticks must have been fighting over my ankles.

When she returned home that evening and changed out of her skirt, she realized her body was covered with ticks that were just starting to lodge themselves in her skin. Most had climbed their way to her lower torso area. After she safely removed them, she gave me a call to tell me about the really scary experience.

Ticks don’t need much of an invitation to hitch a ride on you. Ticks don’t fly or jump but all they need is something like an article of your clothing to brush by, drop on a plant where they’re hanging out, or rest next to the blade of grass of leaf where they are perched waiting for a host for their next blood meal.

To see how easily even a small piece of draped clothing picks up ticks, take a look at this video.

So, what clothing should you wear to keep yourself safe from ticks? Try to cover your legs with white pants that are tucked into your socks. White clothing will contrast with the darker color of the ticks and might help you see any ticks you have brushed against. Also, if you tuck your pants into your socks, the ticks may crawl up the front of your pants where they’re more easily seen then if they get under your pants.

Most importantly, do tick checks after being outside in grassy or wooded areas. Do thorough checks and if you find any ticks, practice safe tick removal practices.

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