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Do Ticks Die in the Winter?

Nope. Ticks don’t die in winter. Well, some do. I’ll explain:

Ticks are quite hearty when temperatures are cooler. The types of ticks found in Massachusetts, such as deer ticks are not at all a tropical climate pests. In fact, ticks are active throughout winter as long as the ground is not frozen.

When the ground does freeze or the snow covers everything, adult ticks and nymph ticks simply go dormant, typically in a pile of fallen leaves or in rotting logs. Once the ground thaws or the snow melts, they will be seeking their blood meals as usual. (Don’t fall victim to thinking ticks can’t bite in the winter.)

Larvae, no matter the season take house with small rodents, so they very easily survive winter in the warmth of a rodent’s den.

Which Ticks Die in Winter?

Some ticks might perish from the cold if they are left exposed to the elements.

The tick has a two-year life cycle. So, there are some ticks that die as winter approaches as the natural order of their life-cycle. Females will die after laying their eggs, and males die within a few months of mating with one or more females. A life truly dedicated to the proliferation of their species.

The moral of the story is that ticks are a year-round problem in Central Massachusetts. At Mosquito Squad, we offer barrier treatment for immediate results as well as tick tubes to eliminate those larval ticks before they have a chance to spread disease. With our tick control services, you don’t have to worry when spending time outdoors on your property. Call today to learn more.