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El Paso Scorpion Control

The scorpion control experts at Mosquito Squad of El Paso know that those sneaky, creepy creatures are no laughing matter. In fact, far from it.

El Paso scorpion control is a dual effort – conscientiousness on your part and professional scorpion control treatment by a reputable, effective and highly-trusted source.

El Paso Scorpion Control Starts With You

Scorpions are arachnids renowned for their unique shape for El Paso homeowners who may not be familiar with their origin. With six legs and two claws like crabs, scorpions are most famous for their tails, which possess a poisonous stinger. A scorpion’s stinger releases venom into a host to finish a meal or if it feels threatened.

And believe it or not, there are a staggering 2,000 scorpion species, but only 30 to 40 have strong-enough poison to kill a person. And it’s those 30 to 40 that we need to be on the watch for here in El Paso, where scorpions have a bevy of places to hide, procreate, and bite.

Knowing that this creature may lurk in your backyard or inside your home around the ones you love is not comforting. So, the question becomes: how can you get rid of scorpions in El Paso? And how can you prevent them from coming into your home?

Let’s start by taking the initiative in being proactive to keep El Paso scorpions away, as scorpion control begins at home – both outside the house and inside.

7 Ways To Prevent Scorpions From Living In And Around Your Home

In the spirit of keeping El Paso free from the threat of the scorpion’s poisonous bites and severe danger, Mosquito Squad wants you to be mindful of what you can do to control the problem better.

1. Store wood far from your home, deep into your yard, if you must. El Paso scorpion control recommends at least 30 feet away from your home.

2. Keep areas inside and outside your home as dry as possible. Get rid of excess water at every opportunity. Standing water or a leaking hose next to the house can be inviting to scorpions. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are common water sources inside your home. Be aware that leaking pipes are the usual perpetrators, but even damp spaces, like basements, are inviting to scorpions.

3. Don’t invite them to nest. Keep mulch and yard debris leveled and flat, making it clear to scorpions that they are not welcome and cannot bury themselves and make a home outside yours.

4. Tight seals are best. Plug any holes and spaces beneath doors and floors. El Paso scorpions are crafty creatures and can fit anywhere a credit card can fit. Shut them out.

5. Bright lights attract their insect food sources, so replace your outside lights with yellow bulbs to prevent attracting insects.

6. Be on the watch and check dark places regularly. Scorpions have poor eyesight and use touch as the primary guide to finding habitats. They look for tiny cracks to crawl into.

7. Get professional insect control to eliminate pests that may have access to your home. In El Paso, they most notably include crickets, roaches, ants, and other insects. With no insects coming up to the house at night, scorpions will be less attracted to finding a meal near your home.

Professional El Paso Scorpion Control Near Me

The most exemplary scorpion control is conveniently close to home in El Paso with Mosquito Squad.

Our Protective Barrier Treatment is highly effective and environmentally responsible for dramatic scorpion prevention results and protection.

First, we target the areas of your yard where scorpions are likely to nest. Then, we spray a barrier around your property to keep more scorpions from wandering in.

And best of all, once you enroll in our scorpion control program, we’ll always have your back. Our licensed and trained scorpion control technicians will come to your house every 2-3 weeks like clockwork, treating your yard and home exterior without a single reminder. Now that’s scorpion control peace of mind, for sure.


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