At-Home Scorpion Control Remedies That Do NOT Work

Posted by Mosquito Squad
At-Home Scorpion Control Remedies That Do NOT Work

December 19, 2023

You may be worried about scorpions at your El Paso home or business — and rightfully so. However, the time and costs required for a scorpion control treatment can add up quickly. As such, you may consider at-home scorpion remedies as fast, affordable alternatives.

At first glance, using an at-home scorpion control remedy may seem like a good idea. But, when you try the remedy, you may encounter various problems. Worst among them: the treatment won't work, and your scorpion problem won't disappear.

Now, let's look at three common at-home El Paso scorpion control remedies and the problems associated with them.

1. Planting Lavender Around Your Property

Lavender is a natural deterrent to scorpions. Plus, it has a fantastic smell. Yet, lavender offers no guarantees. It can deter a scorpion from staying at your property but won't necessarily stop it from doing so.

2. Using a Spider Spray

Since scorpions are arachnids, they are not immune to spider spray. Thus, you can pick up a spider spray and use it to protect yourself. For spider spray to work, you'll need to apply the spray directly to a scorpion. This requires you to come face to face with a scorpion — which can put you in harm's way.

3. Letting a Dog or Cat Kill a Scorpion

A dog or cat may see a scorpion and attack it. If this happens, the dog or cat may be able to kill the scorpion. Conversely, if the pet is unsuccessful, a scorpion can hurt the animal. This can result in a costly visit to a veterinarian to treat the pet's scorpion wound.

What Is the Best El Paso Scorpion Control Treatment?

A scorpion on the groundMosquito squad of El PasoPartner with a professional scorpion control company if you want to address scorpions on your property. This ensures you can receive a tried-and-true scorpion control treatment.

Initially, a scorpion control company can meet with you. The company can learn about your scorpion problem and offer a personalized treatment plan. Next, the company can perform a treatment to ensure you can reduce the scorpion population on your property.

Licensed and trained scorpion control technicians can then visit your property and apply the treatment. Once the treatment is complete, it can address scorpions on your property for up to three weeks.

Regular treatments for scorpions can be completed on your property. This helps you keep the scorpion population at bay. Most importantly, you'll be able to enjoy your property without worrying about scorpions moving forward.

Choose Mosquito Squad of El Paso for the Best Scorpion Control Treatment

Scorpions are one of the more difficult pests to keep away from your home. Be sure to check out these 7 tips for scorpion control. If you are ready to enjoy your home and yard without fear of a scorpion sting, Mosquito Squad of El Paso would be happy to team up with you for your scorpion control needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.