Is Mosquito Fogging Effective?

mosquito control team misting bushes

Is mosquito fogging as effective as using a professional mosquito control company? We can answer this question and more about mosquito control.

Mosquitoes can ruin a quiet evening outside alone or a fun get-together you have planned with friends. It is not uncommon to try to create a mosquito-free yard by lighting tiki torches or hitting the yard with a one-time over-the-counter treatment. While this can work, it is essential to understand that these treatments are not more than a temporary solution to a long-term problem. At Mosquito Squad of El Paso, we believe in creating long-term solutions to your mosquito problem with our mosquito barrier treatment. You might also think of our treatment as mosquito fogging. Read more to learn the ins and outs of mosquito fogging.

What is Mosquito Fogging?

Mosquito fogging is a treatment often used by local governments to eradicate mosquitoes in a community. A fog of insecticide is misted throughout the area, usually from a truck driving down the street. Any mosquitoes that get caught in it will be eliminated. Foggers can also be used on large pieces of real estate to ensure mosquitoes stay away. It is an effective way to get rid of adult mosquitoes instantly. However, it won’t work for mosquitoes that fly into your space later the same day or in the following weeks.

What Kind of Mosquito Control is Better?

To create an effective long-term solution to mosquitoes, you must address mosquitoes that enter your yard after treatment, as well as eggs and larvae in standing water. A professional mosquito control company, like Mosquito Squad of El Paso, offers techniques specifically designed to reduce future mosquitoes from your yard.

Our mosquito barrier treatment, which looks like mosquito fogging, leaves a time-released residue on vegetation. As mosquitoes enter your yard and land on this vegetation, they are eliminated. The residual impacts can last up to 21 days. You’ll also notice our barrier treatment is applied on foot by expert pest control technicians who know precisely where mosquitoes are likely to hide all-around your property. Our customers love our barrier treatment and usually sign up for a seasonal package so that we’ll automatically come back every three weeks to apply mosquito barrier again.

Our team may also treat standing water with a larvicide to eliminate the next generation of mosquitoes.

With expert El Paso mosquito control services by Mosquito Squad, you can enjoy quiet time in your yard or mow your lawn without smacking mosquitoes every few seconds.

Call for Mosquito Control

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