Elm Seed Bugs

Elm Seed Bug Control

Helping Clients with Arocatus melanocephalus Infestations Nationwide

At Mosquito Squad, our treatments have gotten rid of mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs with annoying—and sometimes dangerous—bites. However, our product isn’t just effective on bugs that bite. It’s also effective on annoying bugs that can claim your home and yard as their own. Our treatments are effective against Arocatus melanocephalus, also known as the elm seed bug. This creature is rapidly spreading across the United States, thriving in areas that have elm trees or locations that it can hide in.

If you’re struggling with elm seed bugs in or around your home, help is available! Mosquito Squad is equipped to help treat these insects with a custom-made treatment that attacks your home’s problem at its source.

Call our elm seed bug control experts now! We’re ready to help you find the closest Mosquito Squad location and provide a lasting and effective treatment for your home and yard.

What Are Elm Seed Bugs?

While relatively harmless, elm seed bugs can be a nuisance. These critters have a similar appearance as boxelder bugs but are much smaller. They feed on elm seeds and leaves and, as a result, thrive in homes and areas with elm trees nearby. However, an elm tree is not needed for an elm seed bug infestation. Infestation is possible even if an elm tree isn’t visible or very close. As they spread across the nation, families are finding hundreds of these bugs throughout their yards and homes without knowing where they’ve come from.

Quick facts about elm bugs:

  • They primarily feed on elm tree seeds
  • They can emit a strong smell when threatened
  • They are not known to carry any diseases
  • They do not bite
  • They hatch once a year, usually between May and June
  • As cluster bugs, they often appear in large groups

When elm seed bugs make it inside a home, it can be alarming because infestations can result in hundreds of bugs. This behavior is a result of the creatures trying to escape the heat. They’ll exploit even the smallest holes to find ways inside of a structure. Often, they leave behind feces and sputum—a mixture of saliva and mucus—that is orange and reminiscent of rust spots. These spots can be very hard to remove. Additionally, elm seed bugs are known to find parts of a home where they can be dormant for the winter. In other words: elm bugs can be an annoying problem all year unless they are treated by someone familiar with their behavior.

Why Pick Us for Your Elm Seed Bug Control?

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve been helping families across the United States keep their yards free of bugs since 2005. Every Mosquito Squad location is locally owned and operated, so you’ll get service from a small team that’s focused on your satisfaction. We have the experience needed to approach your elm seed bug problem with the care and attention it needs. Our teams make a unique plan for each home, so you can be certain that your bug problem is being attacked at its source!

For elm seed bug control that you can trust to work, call Mosquito Squad at (208) 547-5970 right now. We’re ready to answer your questions and schedule your appointment!



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