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Say Good Riddance with Asian Beetle Spray

Asian beetles aren’t poisonous or dangerous, but they’re certainly a nuisance. They leave behind a foul odor when there’s too many and even stain surfaces when crushed. While it’s not harmful, Asian beetles bite—and it’s painful. Even when they die, dust left behind can trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks. In short, cutting off an Asian beetle infestation before it gets in your house is vital for your health and comfort.

These spotted invaders are a deep orange and not the same red garden ladybugs you love. Not only are Asian beetles characterized by different white markings and coloring than ladybugs, they also exhibit different behaviors. To avoid cold temperatures, Asian beetles will find their way inside your home.

Our technicians will prevent Asian beetles from entering your home by applying a barrier treatment to your home’s exterior. In 2005, we created the Protective Barrier Treatment, a method designed to eliminate outdoor pests for up to 14-21 days. With EPA-registered formulas and highly-trained licensed technicians, we’ve helped families nationwide enjoy their yards again. Call today to learn about our Asian beetle treatment!

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