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Meet the Team at Mosquito Squad of East Cincinnati-NKY

Serving East Cincinnati & Surrounding Areas with Natural Mosquito & Tick control

We are John and Nicole Williams and we own Mosquito Squad of East Cincinnati-NKY. We were clients of Mosquito Squad since the beginning of the business concept here in Cincinnati. We had two small children and Nicole was nursing, so she did not want to apply anything on her chest or body with a newborn. We also had demanding professional careers and wanted a service that would take care of our outdoor need for mosquito control, no questions asked. We needed to be covered with trust. We all get bit A LOT.

We also enjoy cooking out and eating outside as much as we can, but the moment we stepped out the door to turn the grill on, we would be eaten alive in the evening. Also, most people with small children do not want to put bug repellent on children only to have another burden of having the stinky apply all over them.

Meet the Team