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Cannibalistic Ticks: Can This Be Real?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 7, 2018

Just when you thought you’d heard everything, right? Crazy as it is, this is a real thing. Recently a study was released by researchers from Georgia Southern University, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game describing tick on tick feeding.

Having pulled an Ixodes angustus, the type of tick that carries Lyme in British Columbia and Alberta Canada as well as Alaska, from a red squirrel for study, the researchers were a bit surprised by what they found. When scanning the tick with an electron microscope they found a male tick still attached to the body. You would assume it was for mating, but not this tick. He was “positioned in a characteristic feeding pose” with his mouth near the engorged female’s head. There was no doubt it had been feeding. There was evidence, a small hole in another part of the female’s body, of another tick feeding on her as well.


Ticks move through their life by taking a single blood meal from a host for each stage of the lifecycle. They usually feed on rodents or smaller animals in early stages and move on to larger animals and even humans as they get larger.

What the scientists in this study found was something called hyperparasitism. Instead of finding their usual host, the tick cuts out the “middleman” so to speak and feeds on the blood that one of its own kind has already harvested. Past studies showed that soft-bodied ticks used this method, but it was surprising when seen in this hard-bodied variety. The group of researchers concluded that this practice was more common in hard-bodied ticks than once thought.


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