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Know the Risk Level of Lyme Disease in Your Zip Code

What if you could input your zip code and out would pop the percentage of ticks that tested positive for certain diseases? Well, guess what? YOU CAN! lists 19 tick-borne illnesses and the percentage of ticks that tested positive for those submitted in the given area. Let me show you some examples. If I take the zip codes for Lakeville and Manchester and search for the positive cases of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, which is the group of bacteria that causes Lyme disease, this is what I get:

Lakeville 02347: 2 ticks tested, both tested positive. 100%

Methuen 01844: 5 ticks tested, 1 tested positive. 20%

Gloucester 01930: 14 ticks tested, 2 tested positive. 14.29%

Manchester 01944: 14 ticks tested, 5 tested positive. 35.71%

I realize this is limited information, but it’s a wonderful tool. The key is getting more people to actually get their ticks tested. $50 may seem like more than you want to pay, but take just a minute to consider what you are contributing to. Not only will you know for certain if a tick you’ve removed from you or a family member is carrying disease that requires treatment, but you are also contributing to valuable research. Research that can lead to better information for forming the right kind of tick protection in your area and also research that could ultimately lead to vaccines for tick-borne illness. It’s hard to overlook the chance to be that helpful, isn’t it?

Be Sure to Remove the Tick Safely – Then Send It In

There are some silly old tales out there about nail polish and match sticks when it comes to removing ticks. What worked for Granddad is NOT a good idea today. Follow our guideline for safe tick removal to ensure you remove all parts of the tick. Send it into and in 3 days you’ll know just what you are dealing with. This is such a quick and easy process for a huge step towards peace of mind when it comes to your family’s well-being.

At Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford & Cambridge, we continue to share information as it comes available to us. We are proud of our efforts in keeping our communities protected and informed. We would also like to be a part of that protection right in your backyard. We can eliminate 85-90% of all ticks in your yard for the season. Our barrier treatment eliminates ticks and continues to work with its time released formula. Our tick tube system goes further by eliminating the ticks in their youngest stages. That not only protects you during this season but also gets a jump on the next! Call us today and we will create the plan that works best for you: (978) 381-4028