Winter Time, Snow days and Mosquitoes...Oh my!

Posted by Mosquito Squad

January 6, 2017

Who was thinking about mosquitoes last week during that snow storm?

I’ll be honest…aside from knowing that it was time to send out renewal quotes, it was the furthest thing from my mind. I was too busy running a ski lodge out of my house. I put snow gear on children. Hauled them and their stuff to the local slopes. Hauled them back to the house. Took snow gear off the children. Dried it. Fixed hot chocolate. Fixed snacks. Cleaned the dishes. Cleaned the floor. Started a movie. Played Monopoly. Made lunch. Cleaned dishes. And then I repeated it. Again and again and again.

It was an extremely fun…albeit exhausting…couple of days with my kids.

Believe it or not, while we were surviving SNOMG 2017, mosquitoes were lying dormant, also waiting around for warmer weather to arrive.

In fact, some mosquito breeds even lay eggs during the colder months which lie dormant in the soil until spring. These eggs lay in moist areas (hello snow!), until the temperatures rise and rain starts to fall. Right when we are starting to enjoy the warmer weather, female mosquitoes are on a feeding mission to develop their eggs. And the eggs that have already fully developed begin to hatch. It’s the perfect storm to screw around with our backyard enjoyment.

So, while you’re cooped up inside, be sure to consider ways to prepare your yard for the warmer months. Keep tipping over the items that may collect water. If you get a warmer day, take time to clean out your gutters. Toss out things that you don’t need but are providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Prepare now to enjoy your yard later.

We’re kind of like the mosquitoes right now…waiting out the winter and dreaming about warmer days. Let’s make sure we enjoy it more than they do.