Vexing the Vectors with Mosquito Treatment for the Yard

Posted by Mosquito Squad

February 5, 2013

A vector, in biological terms, refers to an organism that can transmit pathogens from one infected individual to another. Mosquitoes are the deadliest vectors on earth, as their rampant feeding activities can quickly spread dangerous epidemics such as malaria and the West Nile virus. While mosquito bites are, at the least, irritating and itchy, the ailments they bring can pose significant health risks. As such, one shouldn’t hesitate to eliminate mosquitoes in and around the home.

Stopping mosquito attacks, however, is easier said than done; these pests proliferate rather quickly wherever there’s a body of stagnant water. It can be nearly impossible to overturn or prevent any water from collecting outdoors, especially during heavy rainfall. All hope isn’t lost, though. It’s still possible to implement potent mosquito treatment for a yard that can stop those vile bloodsuckers from invading your home.

Aside from depriving mosquitoes of their habitats, you might want to consider other creative ways to control mosquito populations. Fumigation is a well-known tactic designed to literally smoke out the pests from their nests. Another strategy is to introduce natural predators like goldfish, dragonflies, and even frogs that are known to feed upon mosquitoes and their larvae.

Repellents and insecticide can also keep mosquitoes under control.. While quite effective, however, some of these chemical solutions contain toxic ingredients that are dangerous to humans and pets. In addition, certain mosquito breeds have developed immunity to some pesticides. Thus, be sure to choose home insect repellent solutions wisely.

For a sensible and non-toxic mosquito control method, you can deploy mosquito misting devices that disperse naturalrepellent mist around the house. These products are best installed by professional mosquito control companies like Mosquito Squad. Such specialists know the proper techniques and equipment necessary to keep mosquito populations well under control. The effects of most professionally applied mosquito repellent mist can often last for days, thus, ensuring thorough mosquito-killing power and lasting protection for your family.

Mosquitoes might be small, but the diseases they carry are anything but. It might seem like an uphill battle trying to completely rid a property of mosquitoes, but with efficient anti-mosquito systems, this task is not at all impossible. Trust companies like Mosquito Squad to keep your home protected from nasty little skeeters.