A Guide to Pond Mosquito Control and Prevention

Posted by Mosquito Squad
A Guide to Pond Mosquito Control and Prevention

May 30, 2023

If you live by a body of standing water or you have a yard with poor drainage, you may also have many mosquitoes! Mosquitoes thrive in humid places with calm water. Ready to say “good riddance” to incessant mosquito buzzing? Learn why mosquitoes are drawn to the water near your home and how to keep them away.

Why Do Mosquitoes Like Water?

Mosquitoes like water because they need it for reproduction. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water because it reduces the risk of the eggs being harmed by flowing water. Once the eggs hatch, the mosquito larvae in the water stay there to feed on organic matter and grow larger. Larvae flourish best in calm water where they can easily find the water’s surface and breathe.

Why Should You Get Rid of Mosquitoes in a Pond?

Mosquitoes multiply quickly, as one female mosquito can lay 300-600 eggs in a lifespan of one to two months! Your pond offers the ideal conditions for an “infestation situation” that could ruin your enjoyment of the yard. Mosquito bites can also cause vector-borne diseases like West Nile virus, Zika virus, and even heartworm. Prevent a mosquito infestation around your pond so you can enjoy your yard in peace and not worry about bug bites!

How to Prevent Mosquitoes in Your Pond

If the pond or standing water in your yard is large, we suggest utilizing multiple prevention methods, such as a routine barrier treatment service, manual cleanup, and an aeration method. This will provide longer-lasting results. Here are four major ways to prevent pond-loving mosquitoes.

1. Maintain the Pond to Limit Algae and Debris

Prioritize the upkeep of your pond and other standing water, such as bird baths, so the area looks less appealing to a mosquito. Skim the water frequently for fallen leaves, floating algae, and other debris.

If you have overgrown trees or shrubs around your pond or pool, extra debris falls into the water and makes maintenance more difficult. Connect with a Monster Tree Service near you for tree and shrub pruning services.

2. Attract Native Mosquito Predators

The mosquito problem in your pond could be intensified by a lack of natural predators, such as frogs, bats, and birds. Put bird feeders and bat houses in your yard to help attract them.

3.Get a Mosquito Control Treatment

A traditional barrier treatment or all-natural spray can be applied around the yard and perimeter of the water to deter new mosquito visitors and control existing ones.

4. Aerate the Water

Place aeration tubes at the bottom of the water to circulate oxygen in the form of bubbles. This will keep the water in motion to prevent organic matter from building up and to deter mosquitoes from laying eggs there. Another option is placing a fountain in your pond or designing a pool with a waterfall function.

Relax with Mosquito Pond Treatment

It’s time to spend warm nights by the pond without being disturbed by mosquitoes! Take charge of your space and prioritize mosquito control around the standing water in your yard. The team at Mosquito Squad is equipped to assess your yard and provide effective pond mosquito control services. Contact us today for a free quote, or call (877) 332-2239.