12 Sprays of Christmas

Posted by Mosquito Squad

November 30, 2012

It’s that time of year again. Wreaths are being hung, presents are being wrapped and kids are anxiously awaiting a certain man in a red suit. I love the holiday season. My family does a big gift exchange where we pick someone’s name out of a hat to buy for every year. It’s our big thing. 98% of the time I think it’s a blast. The other 2% of the time represents when I pick my aunt Linda out of the hat. You see, she’s that person who is impossible to buy for. She has everything she wants and doesn’t really need anything.

To relieve people like me of the stress of gift giving for certain friends and family members, Mosquito Squad is offering the 12 Sprays of Christmas. It is a great gift option for anyone who wants to spend time in their outdoor areas without mosquitoes. The 12 Sprays of Christmas is a gift certificate for a Mosquito Squad season package. Twelve mosquito control sprays.

I would love to be given the gift of a mosquito-free 2013 (are you reading mom?)!

If a season long package isn’t in the budget, Mosquito Squad has gift certificates for any number of sprays or for a specific dollar value. If you are interested in purchasing a tick or mosquito control gift certificate for someone, contact the Mosquito Squad office in the area where the mist will take place.

Mosquito Squad’s mosquito control barrier treatment kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact and protects the treated area for up to 21 days after a mist. The mist itself is applied to the places where mosquitoes like to feed and harbor, primarily on or under vegetation. Additionally, our trained technicians will look for standing water where mosquitoes lay and hatch eggs and treat them if needed.

Anyone else have some great ideas for the difficult person to buy for?