Your Summertime Guide to Avoid Pool Bugs

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Your Summertime Guide to Avoid Pool Bugs

July 8, 2024

Sunshine, pool parties, and bugs? Let’s remove the bugs from that equation! An infested pool is both unpleasant and unsanitary. Get to know some of the best ways to deter bugs from your pool and the common pests that may try to lurk in your water.

How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool: 8 Simple Strategies 

It’s important to stay on top of pool and yard maintenance because bugs are attracted to natural debris and bodies of water.

Here are some ways to help prevent your pool area from becoming a pest party zone:

  1. Use a pool cover – Whether it’s a simple tarp or an automatic cover, your pool cover acts as a physical barrier, stopping bugs and debris from entering your pool.
  2. Consistently skim the water – Regularly skim your pool to remove leaves, debris, and insects that have fallen in. This removes potential food sources and organic matter that may attract bugs.
  3. Vacuum the pool bottom – Don't forget to clean the bottom of your pool. Vacuuming your pool removes built-up algae and other gunk that the skimmer cannot capture.
  4. Maintain proper chemical balance – Keep up the chemical balance in your water with the right combination of chlorine, salt, or other sanitizers. This keeps your pool safe for swimming and discourages algae growth. An algae-filled pool is an ideal bug breeding ground. For professional pool cleaning services, call the team at ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company.
  5. Trim surrounding greenery – Keep bushes and trees trimmed back from the pool area. Overhanging greenery creates a path for bugs to drop down into the water. It also causes leaves and organic matter to fall into your pool.
  6. Call the pest control pros – The best line of defense against pests in your pool is a barrier treatment spray from our professionals at Mosquito Squad. The Squad will meticulously spray your yard near the pool area with a pest treatment that helps repel bugs for up to 21 days.
  7. Plant natural repellents – Plant bug-repelling flora around your pool area such as citronella grass, lavender, and mint. The best plants to repel insects from your pool will vary depending on your climate and the bugs in your area. You could also try repelling pests with a plant product: essential oils!
  8. Clean up after yourself – Dry off pool toys and store them in a weather-protected space. Wet toys can grow bacteria that might attract pests. Clean up leftover pool-day snacks and crumbs, too. Keep trash receptacles covered and away from the pool to prevent smells and decaying matter from attracting pests.

For the best results, we recommend a combination of these strategies to help deter pests and keep your water sparkling clean!

Common Bugs in Pool Water

While many bugs could accidentally fall into your pool water, some are more attracted to the water and intentionally seek it out. From mosquitoes to ants, bugs may be attracted to your pool for breeding or even easy access to fallen crumbs.

Get to know five common types of bugs in swimming pools:

  • Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are attracted to warm and humid climates near bodies of water where they can breed and thrive. Pools of stagnant water can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, leading to annoyance and potential health risks due to mosquito-borne diseases. Other pests, such as water bugs, will feed on mosquito larvae in a pool, meaning a mosquito infestation can quickly attract additional insects. Consistent pool cleaning is key to avoiding a mosquito infestation.
  • Flies – Various flies, such as houseflies and fruit flies, are attracted to water sources like pools, especially if algae or other organic material is creating a perfect food source. Additionally, “human food” left out after a day at the pool can attract flies. So, tidying up pays off!
  • Water bugs – Pests such as water boatmen and backswimmers are common in aquatic environments and may accidentally end up in pools. While water bugs in a pool are generally harmless to humans, some bite, and none are fun to swim with! Be sure to clean your pool regularly and put away toys, as these pests feed on algae and lay their eggs on submerged objects.
  • Ants – Ants prefer to build their colonies close to a water source, and pools can provide them with water and potential food sources too. Clean up around your pool after enjoying a snack to help avoid ants around your pool!
  • Water beetles – “Water beetles” is a blanket term for any beetle that can live in water at any point of its lifecycle. If you see water beetles in a pool, they likely accidentally made their way in when looking for a damp, marshy area to breed in. Cover your pool and maintain proper water chemistry to prevent beetles from mistaking your pool for a pond.

Keep Your Pool Feeling Like an Oasis

Remember, consistency is key! Routine maintenance and preventative measures will go a long way toward keeping your pool nearly bug-free all summer. Now, dive in and enjoy a refreshing dip.

To take the guessing game out of which strategies will be the most effective to deter pests from your pool, Mosquito Squad is here! We recommend our Squad Yard Defender pest package service.

Request a quote online or call our team at (877) 332-2239 to get started.