Responsible Mosquito Control Near Water

Deck on a lake

One of the most common questions I get is, “how safe is your service?” The answer is that it is extremely safe for people and pets, but there is one thing we need to watch out for, and that is fish. In a yard with a fish pond, we can usually throw a tarp over the pond while we treat the yard, then remove it before leaving and the fish will be unaffected. But if your home is on a lake or river, we can’t just throw a tarp over it. The best solution is to use our naturalproduct.

Our naturalproduct is peppermint-based, and it is very effective (only slightly less so than our standard product), but it does need to be applied every two weeks, compared to every three weeks for most homes with the standard product. That adds to the cost of the service, but of course it is worth it when you understand the alternative. We can also talk about a hybrid service, where we use the naturalproduct near the water and the standard product elsewhere. We will still need to treat every two weeks, but it will increase the overall effectiveness.
Other customers who enjoy the natural service are those who have vegetable gardens. We avoid misting directly on vegetable gardens, but it is inevitable that some product will carry into a garden area, and even though our standard product can be washed off with soap and water, many people like the idea of minimizing the chemicals that come in contact with their food.

Wherever you live in Central Texas, Mosquito Squad has an option that will work for you. Please don’t hesitate to share your concerns and we will personalize our service to fit your needs.