Automatic Misting Systems

Automatic Mosquito Misting System In Augusta

Heavy-Duty Mosquito Control For your Property

While our traditional barrier treatment is highly effective (up to 90% for three weeks) for most people, there are certain circumstances where more continuous treatment would be ideal. If you have waterfront property, live in a marshy or woodsy area, have a horse farm, clouds of no-see-ums, or simply want more control over the pests in your yard, one of our automatic mosquito misting systems is the best way to go for effective control in Augusta, GA.

What are Misting Systems?

Misting SystemMisting systems are permanently installed systems that consist of nylon tubing with corrosion-resistant stainless steel nozzles strategically placed throughout your landscape to be as inconspicuous as possible. The centralized hub of the the system can be either a tankless or drum-style unit that holds and disperses our barrier treatment. At specified intervals (usually at dawn and dusk), these systems distribute the mist for approximately 45 seconds.

The Power of Automation — As Hands-Off or Hands-On as You Desire

After installation, our Augusta technicians will discuss with you and program your misting system go to off at ideal times for your specific property and needs. Typically it is at dawn and dusk for 45 seconds, but frequency depends on your preference. Regardless of programmed misting times, the power is in your hands with the included remote app. For example, imagine you’re at a restaurant with friends and invite them over to your house for a nightcap on the patio. After grabbing your wallet and car keys, you can push the button on the smartphone app to trigger a mist in your backyard to make sure the area is mosquito-free upon your arrival.

Or, perhaps your child is having a birthday party Saturday that starts at 2:00 pm, and your misting system is only programmed to go off at dawn and dusk. But you don’t want to take your chances with and kids in your yard in the middle of the day, so you trigger the mist to mist a little before the guests arrive. Your guests will remember the birthday party for the fun that it was, not for the itchy mosquitoes and other bugs.

With an automatic mosquito misting system, the power is completely in your hands, and eliminates over 90% of mosquitoes and other yard pests on contact. It’s the most effective treatment there is, hands down.

An App to Benefit Both Sides

Having an app to control your misting system isn’t just convenient for the owner, it’s beneficial for Mosquito Squad, too. Using this app, we are able to monitor your misting system’s status in real time, so we’ll know when your system is running low on treatment solution and be there to refill so you’ll never run out. Also if a line is cut from a lawn mower or over-aggressive animal, we’ll be able to tell something’s not working right and send a technician over to repair as soon as we can. You won’t need to call us — we’ll call you to find out when is best for this to happen.

Misting Systems are the ONLY way to combat no-see-ums

If you’ve got clouds of no-see-ums in your yard, an automatic misting system is the only thing that can control them. Why? It has to do with their life cycle. They have a lifespan of two days, and every time you see a cloud of them, they’re actually mating to make even more no-see-ums. It’s a constant, fast-moving lifecycle with these little biting bugs, and they need to be treated much more often than others, which is why a traditional barrier treatment simply won’t do the job.

So what’s the process if I’m interested in a misting system?

One of our trained specialists will come out to your home and meet with you and discuss the different types of systems to determine what product is best for you. We’ll inspect your yard, explain how the system works, and what to expect. The most common areas of nozzle placement are near fence lines, pool borders, gazebos, decks, and and bushy areas where mosquitoes and other biting bugs like to congregate.

Once we have decided on the system we will go over design and layout of the nozzles. The design layout is the most important factor to achieve the best results. When you are satisfied with the plans, we set up an appointment to begin the installation.

Once the installation is in place, Mosquito Squad of Augusta handles all of the regular maintenance, tank filling, and any inspections to make sure things are working correctly. We’ve got our eye on the status of your misting system in real time, remember, so we’re on top of any issues that might arise. However, if you notice something before we do, definitely give us a call and we’ll be on top of it.

If you are interested in an automatic mosquito misting system from Mosquito Squad in Augusta, Evans, Martinez, Waynesboro, or beyond, call us today at (706) 608-8025 for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about this and any of our other pest control services such as those for fleas, ticks, and special event mosquito control services. Your comfort and safety are our top priority, so we’re happy to help you!


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