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Invasive Insect Pest Control

If you have stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, spotted lanternflies, or elm seed bugs on your property, you have invasive insects!

Invasive pests can wreak havoc on your property and negatively impact native plants, insects, and animals.  The Squad Invader Guard package is a special treatment designed to effectively manage these invaders.

Because your Mosquito Squad locations are locally owned and operated, we understand what’s going on in your back yard, including unique and overwhelming infestations in a very short period of time.  Rely on your local experts at the Squad to proactively target and prescriptively treat invasive invaders!

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The Pests We Target

Squad Invader Guard is the ultimate service to target invasive pests on your property.  Specific pests will vary by location. But in general, these may include:

Our team can target both invasive pests already posing a nuisance and invaders that are likely to become an issue in your area.

Invasive pests are active and breed at different times.  For instance, Asian lady beetles start to lay eggs in early spring, and spotted lanternflies are active in mid to late summer and lay eggs in October.  Due to differences in activity, the best time to schedule invasive insect treatment will vary based on your location.  Our goal is to take preventative action and continually help deter invaders year after year.

Reach out to your local Mosquito Squad to learn what other invaders may be near you.

How Squad Invader Guard Invasive Insect Treatment Works

At Mosquito Squad, we understand that while some invasive insects are present each year, others come and go, and new invaders may emerge.  That’s why we pair each Squad Invader Guard treatment with thorough inspections and education about existing and likely invaders to control potential problems. 

For reliable solutions to invasive species, check out our 4-step approach to invader management:

  1. Education – The Mosquito Squad location nearest you makes it a priority to understand the invasive pests that will be, could be, or already are a nuisance in your area.  In many cases, specific temperature shifts or predictable cyclical triggers can end dormancy in invasive pests and bring them into an active state.
  2. Inspection – Our team of trained professionals will inspect your property for areas where invasive pests or pest damage are already visible.  Additionally, we take a preventive approach and look for areas where invaders will likely hide and breed.  Identifying these areas allows our team to strategically treat your property.
  3. Treatment – When treating for invasive pests, our team takes two approaches:  1) We target areas in your yard where invaders hide and thrive.  2) We target areas around your home where invasive pests are congregating.  If necessary and approved by you, we also treat the exterior of your home, focusing on nearby entrance points to your home.
  4. Ongoing management – Because invasive pests often migrate long distances and will continue to enter a yard from surrounding areas, multiple treatments may be necessary to help reduce populations and deter future intruders.  Our team will be sure to communicate and work with you to create a plan for treatment and continued management that we think is best for your yard and pest problem.

Why Invasive Pests are a Problem

Invasive pests are organisms that are non-native to an ecosystem and can cause ecological damage, often harming trees and landscaping as they take up residence.  They can take resources away from native species; feed on valuable plants; physically damage trees, shrubs, and plants and make them susceptible to diseases.

From spotted lanternflies that feed on a range of popular trees and smelly elm seed bugs that are best left outside, to stink bugs that feed on fruit trees, berries, and corn, invasive pests can cause irreversible damage and easily enter your home.  That’s why we believe invasive pest management should be a top priority.

The impacts of non-native insects will vary depending on the pest.  If you’re unsure of the invasive pests in your area, or those that may be on their way, be sure to reach out to your local Mosquito Squad for the latest information.

Schedule Reliable Invasive Pest Control Today

Whether planning in advance or reacting to an active infestation, make controlling invasive species a priority with our Squad Invader Guard service.  Call today at (636) 735-7132 or contact us online for a free quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get rid of invasive insects?

From professional chemical pest control to physically removing pests, there are multiple ways to get rid of invasive insects.  The best approach will vary based on the insects you’re trying to remove.  Some ways to get rid of invasive insects include setting baited traps away from gardens and trees, shaking adult insects off plants and trees, scraping their eggs off leaves, and rinsing them with soapy water to prevent an infestation.  Covering small plants that may be attracting invasive insects to your space can also help to protect your yard and deter the pests.

Once invaders have entered your property and multiplied, it can be tricky to remove them without professional intervention and multiple treatments with an invasive species management plan.  That’s why we recommend taking preventative measures, such as a professional treatments, to help deter invasive pests from making their home in your yard and home.  If you’re unsure of the best time to take preventative measures against invaders, your local Mosquito Squad can provide information on when invaders near you are likely to appear along with when preventative treatments will be most effective.

Why do invasive species often become pests?

Invasive species are often aggressive when introduced to a new ecosystem because they don’t have any natural predators to prevent them from spreading quickly.  Further, native plants and other insects and animals may not have defenses against the new invader, making it easy for the invasive species to dominate its new ecosystem.

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