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How Water Management Helps Eliminate Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Mosquito management is often a challenging process that requires a handful of different steps to get right. For example, managing water in your yard will cut back on the number of bites you and your children will get every summer. By understanding these steps, you can get the help needed to avoid mosquitoes. You can take these steps alone or get the best mosquito control service to provide you with assistance on a few of them.

Why Water Management Matters

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, where the young hatchlings mature into adults in just seven days. As a result, you can have a flood of mosquitoes in just a week if you don't get rid of the standing water in your yard. Unfortunately, few people realize just how much standing water is in their yard.

If you know where to find standing water in your yard, you can eliminate it using a handful of different steps. Doing so will drastically cut back on the number of mosquitoes you experience and will protect your children from getting bit nearly as much this year.

Identifying Places Where Mosquitoes May Lay Eggs

If you disrupt the mosquito life cycle in your yard, you should have minimal difficulties keeping your family safe. It is critical to find locations where water may collect and to take steps to keep them dry. You might be surprised at just how many places mosquitoes can lay eggs. Standing water is their preferred choice, though they'll often lay eggs in areas near standing out. Just a few areas you need to watch out for when inspecting your yard include:

  • Plastic toys that may be scattered around your yard

  • Pet food or water dishes that you haven't moved into the house yet

  • Birdbaths that don't get used that often 

  • Tires where water collects inside its ruts

  • Tarps that allow water to collect and bundle up in a single spot

  • Gutters that aren't cleaned out regularly or allowed to back up

  • Ponds and small water sources in your yard

  • On the ground near these natural water sources

  • Near grass where water falls and pools heavily

Avoiding this problem requires you to go throughout your yard and tip over any of these water-containing items or cover them up to keep water from building up. You will also need to pay attention to home repairs, such as fixing your gutters, to ensure that they don't collect water. These steps are pretty simple and shouldn't challenge most homeowners. If you feel uncomfortable taking them, reach out to the best mosquito exterminator near you who has years of experience in this field.

Help is Available

Don't hesitate to contact us at Mosquito Squad of West Michigan Lakeshore to get the best mosquito protection possible. We have years of experience and provide long-term solutions that will keep your yard and your children safe. So please call (616) 426-6776 to set up an inspection appointment. Our experts will come to your yard, identify water-management care options, and keep your yard safe.