How Mosquito Squad Supports Local Communities

Giving Back to Our Neighbors & Communities

Mosquito Squad is about more than just getting rid of mosquitoes and ticks. We’re deeply involved in our communities, helping families in both big and small ways. We’ve dedicated this page to listing some of our efforts to serve local families (and even communities around the world).

Sharing Is Caring

Once a year, Mosquito Squad runs a local fundraiser for families who need help during the holidays. The proceeds of the Sharing Is Caring event goes toward helping parents buy gifts for their children and helping them afford a holiday meal. Additionally, we donate turkeys to food banks and women’s shelters, ensuring that all people get access to a holiday feast, wherever they are.

Malaria No More Mosquito Squad logo - stopping malaria one child at a time

Malaria No More

Our mosquito control experts are committed to ending the threat of malaria worldwide, which is why we commit a portion of every dollar toward Malaria No More. Since 2006, Malaria No More has secured political, financial, and scientific resources to end malaria in our lifetime. By providing communities with more than 2 billion mosquito nets and mobilizing lawmakers to enact policies that protect communities vulnerable to malaria, Malaria No More has been able to save an estimated 7 million lives and prevent more than a billion malaria cases. Our team is proud to support them in their critical mission.

Mosquito Squad is committed to our communities, both here and around the globe. We’re proud to be a good neighbor, and we’ll continue to ensure we give back however we can.