10 Reasons for Late Summer and Fall Mosquito Treatment

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

As the summer season begins to wind down, fewer and fewer new customers sign up for mosquito control and tick control. It is natural to assume that with the impending fall cool down, it is too late to bother with professional mosquito control services. However, now is the one of the most valuable times of the year for tick and mosquito reduction efforts.

Not only is it mosquito disease season, but the summer heat and humidity are in maximum effect. Check out these ten important reasons to add or keep our mosquito control and tick control services right up until the cold weather arrives.

It is NOT Too Late for Professional Mosquito Control

10. The great race with Mother Nature. The clock is ticking for enjoying warm weather – do not let anything (including ticks and mosquitoes) stand in your way.

9. Mosquito-borne disease season is in full swing from late July through the arrival of cold weather. EEE and West Nile virus can cause severe and sometimes deadly health complications.

8. Ticks love fall weather and stay out much later in the season than mosquitoes. In fact, if there is not a ton of snow, they can be out for the majority of the winter.

7. Firepit season is in full effect.

6. Mosquitoes can be worse in late summer and early fall due to increased temperatures, humidity, and rainfall. Every season is different.

5. Stores are too busy stocking Christmas stuff to still stock citronella and stinky repellents – not that they work all that well!

4. Summer afternoons in October. You know that day or two stretch every October when there is suddenly mid-summer weather again? The last thing you want is the summer insect resurgence too.

3. Fall ball. Whether it is football, soccer, basketball, baseball, or otherwise, fall sports start before school. Make sure your at-home practice space is comfortable for your athletes.

2. Have you heard of “over-winter mosquitoes?” Treating for mosquitoes right up until the cold weather arrives gives you a jump start on fewer mosquitoes in the spring.

1. School is in session! Ship the kids off on the school bus, grab your coffee, and head out to the backyard for some rest and relaxation, gardening, lunch on the deck, or poolside reading with less worry about mosquitoes and ticks.

Whether you’ve enjoyed professional tick and mosquito control in the past or are new to the game, we urge you NOT to fall victim to the “It’s too late” myth. Call the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts today to request a free quote for all of your mosquito and tick control needs.