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Lyme Disease Prevention: Could a New Drug Prevent the Bacteria from Entering Your Blood Stream when an Infected Tick Bites You?

Lyme Prevention Medication

With cases of Lyme Disease rising year-after-year, the research and passionate efforts aimed at preventing and curing Lyme Disease is stronger than ever. While traditional ideas at prevention were aimed at creating a Lyme vaccination – and there even was a vaccine once, there are new methods at work which are proving to be promising.

Blocking the Transmission of the Lyme Bacteria

Tick in skin Researcher, Dr. Mark Klempner, from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is working on a medication that works in a new way. Administered to people, this medication would stop the bacteria that causes Lyme (Borrelia Burgdorferi) from entering the human bloodstream from an embedded tick, entirely.

The Lyme prevention medication is an antibody that is currently being tested on infected mice and birds. His is confident that with this method, the bacteria won’t be able to develop a resistance to the medication.

While there is still more testing to complete and clinical trials to get through, Dr. Klempner hopes it can hit the market by 2022.

Today’s Best Lyme Prevention Methods

Massachusetts is one of the worst states for ticks in the U.S.! But you probably have experienced that first-hand.

Until new research is complete and new options enter the market, the best Lyme Prevention method today is still to avoid tick bites altogether. How to still enjoy the great outdoors in the Bay State while avoiding Lyme Disease:

  1. Use a trusted and true tick control service on your property for outdoor living at home!
  2. Practice tick safety when you are spending time outdoors in untreated spaces.
  3. Always check for ticks after you come indoors.

Call today if you have any questions about ticks or our tick control services.

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