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Outdoor Spider Control Services

Spiders are everywhere, and they’re masters at making small spaces their home. This makes them extra tricky to remove. Although most spiders aren’t harmful, nobody wants those crawling pests within their home or yard.

Thankfully, the team at Mosquito Squad can help you get rid of spiders, so you and your family can enjoy your outdoor living space without unwanted company. 

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How Our Spider Treatment Works

Spider control services target areas outside where spiders thrive and breed using our traditional barrier spray. The treatment kills spiders on contact and then deters them for up to 21 days.

To ensure thorough spider control, our spider treatment includes both yard spot treatment and an outdoor home perimeter treatment.

Yard Spot Treatment

We know that spiders commonly make their home in areas where other wildlife is present, as it provides the pest with areas to hide and feed. Before spraying your property, Mosquito Squad’s trained technicians will survey your yard to determine a treatment plan that will successfully spot-target spiders. This allows us to specifically target the pest with our barrier spray while avoiding other wildlife.

Home Perimeter Treatment

We look for areas where spiders may enter your home, such as shrubbery against your home or cracks in the foundation. We then utilize our perimeter spray method to treat these key areas around your home. Our perimeter spray utilizes our traditional barrier spray to deter spiders from making their way inside.

Say Good Riddance to Spiders Around Your Home!

If you’re having trouble with spiders outside, and some are even making their way inside, the pest control professionals at your local Mosquito Squad can help with reliable spider pest control. We provide quality and reliable services, it’s our guarantee

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  • Scents left in your yard from pet waste can attract flies and other pests that spiders feed on! get a yard deodorizing service from DoodyCalls® to make your property smell fresh again.
  • For an alternative to our traditional barrier treatment spray, try our natural treatment option. Our natural repellent utilizes essential oils to keep pests away.
  • Spiders, roaches, and other pests are pros at sneaking into homes. Control these pests outside to prevent an infestation inside with our Squad Home Shield pest package that tackles multiple pests with one service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What attracts spiders inside?

In most cases, spiders stay outside; however, they can be drawn to your home’s heat and will venture inside if they come across an easy entryway. Spiders are attracted to areas that are damp or dark, such as basements or gutters. Spiders may also enter homes through windows and doors with poor screens or cracks. If you’re having spider problems outdoors, it’s essential to get help from The Squad before they start crawling indoors.

Are spiders dangerous?

Tens of thousands of spider species have been identified throughout the world. Although most spiders don’t pose any danger to people, some species can deliver venomous bites that cause serious health issues. The most common venomous spiders in the U.S. are the brown recluse and the black widow. These spiders can be dangerous and should be eliminated by pest control professionals. Luckily, most spiders won’t bite unless they feel trapped or in danger.

Why are there so many spiderwebs outside my home?

Spiders are opportunistic predators and are likely to build many webs around your home if there is prey for them to feed on. Therefore, if you also have many bugs such as mosquitoes, flies, and other insects in your yard, you’re also likely to have spiders.

To mitigate the spider webs in your yard, we suggest pairing a professional spider spray service with other services such as fly control. This will not only deter spiders but also repel the pests luring spiders into your yard.


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