Help Defend Your Property Against Pests with All-in-One Pest Control Packages

Comprehensive Control for Peace from Pests

Don’t let a picnic with friends be ruined by ants, or your next party be wrecked by roaches and spiders!  Flies, ants, ticks, and more can turn an enjoyable time into a bothersome experience.  Even worse, insects in your yard can make their way indoors.

Whether flies are abundant in your yard, or common household pests like cockroaches are entering from outside, Mosquito Squad's technicians are ready to spring into action with targeted all-in-one outdoor pest package services!

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Our All-in-One Pest Packages

Our trained technicians are prepared to protect you from the dangers and bothers of pests with bundled pest control service packages.

  • Squad Invader Guard

    Invasive pests like spotted lanternflies and Asian lady beetles feast on native food supplies and may carry germs or bacteria that native species can’t cope with. Our Squad Invader Guard pest control package is designed to treat harmful invasive insects on your property. We work hard to keep our customers educated and informed on invasive pests in their area. Knowing that invasive pests come and go, and new ones can quickly emerge, education helps keep invader control a priority.

    Squad Invader Guard Details

We're More Than Mosquito Control

Our four pest control packages are designed to help you benefit from all our pest solutions and treat multiple insects with one call to Mosquito Squad.

The next time you schedule mosquito control, consider all the pests in your yard!

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