Squad Yard Defender

Manage Stinging and Biting Pests Outside

At Mosquito Squad, we're dedicated to helping your yard remain your sanctuary without the annoyance of unwanted pests.  Our all-in-one Yard Defender treatment targets a range of common outdoor pests, including ticks, fleas, and mound-building ants that sting.

The Squad Yard Defender package was created to focus on insects other than mosquitoes that can cause pain and transmit harmful diseases.

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How Our Combined Outdoor Ant, Flea, and Tick Control Works

Squad Yard Defender targets fleasticks, and mound-building ants – exceptionally difficult to control insects that are more than just a bother.

The service includes a combination of flea and tick spray for yards prescriptive baiting, and ant mound-drenching techniques.

Our 3-step Yard Defender approach:

  1. Inspection – Knowing that fleas and ticks prefer moist, shady, and cool places, our trained professionals look for these areas in your yard.  We also inspect tall grass, natural areas bordering managed turf, and low-lying areas that are especially damp.  Mound-building ants tend to be most visible after heavy rains when colonies are excavated.  Inspecting and identifying the pests in your yard before treatment is crucial for a proper treatment plan and bait selection.  Because new mounds continually emerge, our frequent presence at your home sets us apart to provide the best service for this hard to control pests.
  2. Treatment – To treat the dangerous pests in your yard, a long-lasting barrier treatment spray is applied to ideal habitat areas.  Our EPA-registered flea and tick yard spray kills pests on contact, disrupts flea and tick lifecycles, and continues to deter fleas and ticks for up to 21 days.  We also periodically apply granules to control immature stages of these pests, ensuring lifecycle disruption and protection of your yard.  To treat ants, we combine targeted mound drench applications with granular ant bait applications to help eliminate and prevent future mounds.
  3. Ongoing management – After your initial treatment, we recommend keeping up with continued services to drench small ant hills and use specialized baits to ensure they do not become massive colonies.  Tick and flea populations can be managed through granular treatment applications in the spring and late summer as well as targeted barrier applications in “tick zones.”

The Dangers of Biting and Stinging Pests

Ticks and fleas are both parasites that feed on the blood of their host.  Fleas can pass along harmful parasites, such as tapeworms, and bacterial disease, such as Typhus.  Common diseases transmitted by ticks include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Q fever.

Mound-building ants, such as pavement and fire ants, can leave you with painful and itchy spots that blister.  They can also harm your property as they destroy nearby vegetation and negatively impact landscaping.

Fire ants commonly build their mounds in damp soil and grass which can lead to many small biting insects in areas where children and pets play.  These bites can cause infections or even anaphylactic shock.

Schedule a Professional Combined Ant, Flea, and Tick Yard Treatment

Protect yourself and your loved ones from bites and stings and enjoy your yard in peace!  Make the management of dangerous pests easy with the help of our Squad Yard Defender.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I control pests naturally outside?

Along with our professional treatment spray, we recommend homeowners take manual steps to control pests and help prevent future infestations.  Ticks and fleas live and hide in vegetation, such as leaf litter or grassy areas. They especially like shrubs, leaves, and trees, and don't fare well in sunny areas or open grass.

By trimming back shrubs and raking out leaves, you can help prevent infestations.

More Tips for Natural Pest Prevention:  How to Reduce Bugs in Your Yard After Rainfall

What ants build mounds?

Common mound-building ants include harvester ants, Allegheny mound ants, fire ants, leafcutter ants, Argentine ants, and pyramid ants.  Ant mounds are built as the soil is removed by ants to make room for their tunnels and the next chamber below ground.  If you can see ant mounds and they keep spreading, it is time to contact your local Mosquito Squad!

How do you prevent fleas and ticks on dogs?

The best way to prevent ticks and fleas from getting on your dog is by keeping your yard clean.  And utilizing professional flea and tick pest control methods to help deter them from your space. You can also contact your vet for oral medications, and flea and tick shampoo and collar recommendations.

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