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Improve your Family’s Safety with Westport Tick Control

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When you decided to purchase your home, your realtor probably sold you on the best features on your property, but there are a lot of topics that realty will avoid discussing. For example, if your home came with a yard of any size, you were excited by the opportunities you and your family could have to spend time outdoors. After all, few things excite kids more than a chance to go play outside! Dinner gatherings and other small events also become possible with an outdoor space, but there is a rarely discussed risk that comes with owning a yard in the Northeast. The outdoors, even in suburban environments, houses critters of all shapes and sizes, including an ancient insect that poses great risks to humans. Ticks often lurk in the landscaping around our yards, and while they might seem harmless, they are anything but.

Why should Westport tick control be a priority for you?

Stories about snakes, bears, or rabies-infected raccoons often grab attention for the safety risks they pose, but ticks deserve an equal amount of attention, if not more. While the animals just mentioned are certainly worth looking out for, they do not appear with great frequency in suburban environments. The same can’t be said for ticks, however. As one of the most effective hitchhikers in North America, ticks get around, and they don’t do it in a sanitary fashion. While humans need to travel to a fast-food restaurant, ticks treat animals as a mode of transportation and a quick bite to eat. Indiscriminate in what they choose to parasitize, as long as there is blood in the victim, ticks are essentially living syringes that collect diseases and inject them when they bite into their next food source.

Lyme disease is one of the dangerous diseases that ticks are known to transfer. Most often stemming from a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, Lyme disease can cause everything from fevers to neurological ailments that have long-term consequences. Because of the numerous symptoms that can erupt from a Lyme disease infection, the disease often goes undetected and misdiagnosed, and delays in treatment pose massive risks to human health. Shockingly, only about 1 out of every 10 people who contract Lyme disease is correctly diagnosed! So, when you research Lyme disease numbers in Westport, you can assume that there are ten times more cases in your area than those that are confirmed. No one deserves to face the dangers that ticks pose to a healthy life, especially not your family. With defensive measures in mind, look to Mosquito Squad for your Westport tick control needs.

Options for Westport tick control

Ticks are dangerous on a few levels, and such dangers are why we offer a couple different kinds of tick control for your property. Our border protection mist, which comes in our original and naturalformulas, is used around the perimeter of your yard, as well as in tick hot spots, to both kill ticks and create a barricade against ticks that try to enter your property. Bi-weekly treatments will dramatically reduce the tick population in your yard, and you will gain peace of mind knowing that your family is better protected against these nasty arachnids. For year-round treatments, we also offer tick tubes, which utilize a very different approach to tick control.

Tick tubes are biodegradable canisters installed in your yard and filled with pesticide-treated cotton. As we’ve discovered, mice love these tubes for the cotton they provide their nests. Mice are unaffected by our pesticide, but the ticks that love to winter-over in mice nests are instantly killed when they encounter the treatment. Mice can carry Lyme disease, and by removing ticks that like to feed on these mammals, you greatly reduce the risk of encountering a tick with Borrelia burgdorferi.

If you are looking for the best Westport tick control, Mosquito Squad has all the solutions. Give us a call at (203) 275-0078. We look forward to hearing from you!